Woman Loses iPhone On Her Kerala Vacation, Then This Happens


A woman from Karnataka, who was on vacation to Kerala, recently lost her iPhone worth Rs 1.5 lakh. The incident occurred as she was enjoying the waves from atop big rocks on the beach. Despite numerous efforts initially, her phone could not be recovered. However, the resort staff where the woman stayed during her vacation, the Kerala police, and the Fire and Rescue department came together and navigated waves and rocks to find the lost device. A video of how they found the missing iPhone after seven hours has been circulating on Instagram.

The long and challenging operation has been captured in a video shared by the official page of the resort- Antiliya Chalets. In the now-viral clip, the department officials are seen standing on huge rocks. They then get ropes to retrieve her phone. After several hours of planning and hard work, the team finally hands the device to the woman who poses with the officials for pictures.

“This video is a part of yesterday’s accident. The Iphone worth 150000 of the Karnataka woman who was staying in our chalet fell between the huge rocks on the beach. Despite the efforts, nothing could be retrieved. The strong waves along with winds and rain made the situation challenging,” the resort said in the caption of the post.

They added, “However, Antiliya chalet team along with Kerala Fire and Rescue took 7 hours of effort to recover the mobile phone. Antiliya chalet would like to thank Suhail and Kerala Fire and Rescue team for helping in this.”

Since being shared, the clip has amassed over 1.6 million views and a lakh likes on Instagram.

“She should have claimed insurance instead,” said a user.

“I am surprised to see rescue team being used to retrieve mobile phone seriously,” commented a person.

Another added, “Respect fire team”

“Same happened to me in Pondicherry Rock PIXEL 7 phone fell in between rocks but Luckily me and my frnds found under the rocks,” shared another person.

 A video of how they found the missing iPhone after seven hours has been circulating on Instagram.    

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