Watch: Mumbai’s Biggest Junglee Sandwich Gets A Thumbs Down From Foodies


The love for sandwiches is universal. Multiple layers, stuffed with juicy fillings are the most favoured. Agreed? If your answer is a yes, then Mumbai’s biggest sandwich is the only snack that can fulfil your cravings. Presenting, the Biggest Junglee Sandwich. It is being said that a single person can’t finish it. Recently, a food vlogger (@the__bearded__foodie) shared a video on Instagram on how the four-bread-layered sandwich is prepared. In the video, the man took out four bread slices, cut their corners, and spread butter on them. Two slices were coated with green sauce, before adding a few babycorn strips. Peanut butter and salt came next, followed by four onion and capsicum chunks. White sauce was drizzled upon them and it was topped off by a generous quantity of grated cheese. The man put another bread slice upon the fillings. On it, he added pineapple wedges, jalapenos, more white sauce, and cheese. 

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Wait, there is more. Moving on, the person spreads what looks like mustard sauce on one of the slices. To jazz up the flavours, he puts a few slices of tomato and tomato sauce to it. Masala, some cabbage, three additional layers of grated cheese, and a small quantity of mayo were added. He tops the jumbo sandwich with potato chips before serving. Phew!

Food enthusiasts rallied in the comments to share their opinions on the Biggest Junglee Sandwich. Most of them were not happy with the overuse of ingredients. 

“Bro was just cleaning out his fridge and made you pay for it,” wrote a person sarcastically. 

Vehemently opposing the idea of trying the snack, an individual said, “That’s the most disgusting sandwich-making I’ve ever seen.”

Another called the preparation “very unhealthy”

“That was the strangest combination of stuff he put in there,” noted a foodie. 

“Stomach? No dustbin,” read a comment. 

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Would you dare to try this sandwich?

 Viral Video: It is being said that a single person can’t finish it.    

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