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On the afternoon of 8th June 2024 at 1:53 PM, a unique phenomenon occurs in the zodiac. Venus, the planet of love, beauty, and prosperity, will be in a 90-degree angle or square position with Saturn, the planet of restriction and challenge. Venus will be placed in Taurus and Saturn in Aquarius. This Venus-Saturn square aspect occurs rarely in a year and is considered important in astrology.
According to Vedic astrology, Venus is the ruling planet of relationships, money, comforts, the arts, love, and creative pursuits.It governs those things that give us joy, ease, and satisfaction in human endeavours. On the other hand, Saturn symbolises our fears, limitations, responsibilities, and karmic debts from our past lives. It requires energy, discipline, patience, and the ability to stay simple and look at the realities of life.
When these two opposing planetary energies align in a 90-degree square, they cause conflicts and challenges in affairs governed by Venus. The oppressive Saturnine energy overpowers the sensual and uninhibited Venus’s energy and does not let it express itself. We experience frustration with needs and delay in receiving the pleasures and are made to rethink the values between ‘ought to’ and ‘wants.
However, it is also one of the most potent phases for self-actualisation and development if one is wise and brave enough to embrace it. Thus, instead of giving into our fears, limitations and karmic baggage for a brief respite, we build the spiritual muscle necessary to face the challenges and find more contentment later. It is important to deal with frustrations consciously to gain meaningful rewards.

Impact on Career

The Venus-Saturn square can have a major bearing on career and work prospects. Those searching for new employment may find themselves in a situation where they struggle to get a few opportunities even after trying. It is possible to go through rejections or long periods of job searching, which might make you feel unappreciated and exhausted.
However, instead of getting disheartened, this is the best time to channel energies into acquiring new skills and obtaining more certifications or training for the desired job positions. The challenges you encounter while searching for a job now will only make you stronger and ready to secure a worthy opportunity once this phase ends. Believe in yourself, do not lose hope and continue to improve yourself effectively.
In the case of working professionals, there could be boredom, frustration, or stress, as well as feeling trapped in a job, even if it is exhausting and unappreciated despite hard work. Stressful relationships with colleagues, job dissatisfaction or even conflicts with bosses or other authority figures are possible. Sometimes, you may feel like quitting everything and being frustrated.
However, making any hasty decisions, like quitting during this period, is not wise. Rather, concentrate on performing your tasks and obligations diligently and with commitment even when you feel like giving up. The third strategy is to adopt a spiritual attitude by practising detachment and avoiding the need for approval. Revise your resume and work on your professional development in parallel, but do not neglect the opportunities you have at the moment.

Impact on Love Relationships

The Venusian domains of love and relationships are especially affected during the Venus-Saturn square phase. For those looking for a serious relationship, swiping right on the dating apps or relying on friends to set you up will not get you anywhere productive. It is also possible to feel like you are not valued or rejected or even go through heartbreak if you get emotionally involved at this time.
Instead of frantically looking for love outside, this is a better time to focus on loving yourself, accepting yourself and acknowledging any unhealthy patterns in your past relationships. One should identify issues within oneself, such as internal conflicts, uncertainties, and phobias about relationships, before opening up for new love.
In relationships that are already committed and married, some of the reasons that may cause arguments, such as lack of physical contact, breach of trust, or general misunderstanding, could emerge in partnerships that are challenging the strength of your relationship. It is important to try to be as open as possible, not have unrealistic expectations, and focus on the tasks instead of the physical contact.

Impact on Family

The Venus-Saturn square phase may bring tension and conflict in the domestic environment and the family relationships. It may be characterised by little physical affection, little quality time spent together, and little positive interaction between family members.
Saturn’s aspect may bring some problems with trust, a feeling of being betrayed, or even cases of actual betrayal within the family that may lead to conflicts. Some may have other commitments, such as having to care for their parents or attend to family issues that are physically and financially exhausting.
However, this phase also has its advantages, as it is possible to recognise pathological interactions, and it is better to solve long-standing problems with words rather than avoid them. It is possible to set healthy boundaries, have realistic expectations, and make a deliberate effort to build up family values, resulting in much stronger bonds when this period is over.

Remedies and Suggestions

However, the Venus-Saturn square does make life challenging in different spheres for a few months; still, one can minimise the impact of the astrological malefic by adopting some remedial measures.
To balance romantic energies and avoid conflicts in relationships, it is recommended to wear and decorate rooms with peach, cream, and white colours. For matters concerning career, money, and asserting power, it is advisable to use more blue, grey, and white colours.
As per the Vastu Shastra, the southwest corner of your house and office must be clean, bright, and free from clutter during this planetary position. To enhance romantic and professional energies, one can place a big conch shell, crystal lotus or rose quartz gemstone in the southwest direction.
Chanting divine prayers and performing havans regularly during this period is also advisable. The Devi Sukta glorifies the universal mother energy that is responsible for domestic happiness and relations. The Mahalakshmi Ashtakam is a hymn seeking the blessings of Goddess Lakshmi for prosperity and contentment. At the same time, the Shukra Graha Stotram is a hymn that can help control the energy of the planet Venus.

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