Talk To Your Future Self: This AI Tool Could Motivate You To Live Your Dreams


MIT researchers have developed a new tool to help people make better decisions by talking to a chatbot that represents their future selves.

Instead of a time machine, MIT’s Future You project offers an AI chatbot that acts like an older version of the user, sharing advice and wisdom from a successful life. Pat Pataranutaporn, a key figure in the project, says the goal is to encourage people to think about the long term and make positive changes in their behavior.

As per The Guardian report, users start by answering questions about themselves and their goals. They then upload a photo that’s digitally aged to show how they might look in the future. This helps the program create a believable story for the chatbot.

Powered by OpenAI’s GPT3.5, the chatbot engages users in conversations, offering insights and advice based on the user’s input. While the chatbot’s responses aren’t predictions, they encourage users to think about their future.

Pataranutaporn shares how the chatbot reminded him to cherish time with his parents, a lesson that stuck with him.

Initial trials with 344 volunteers showed promising results, with participants feeling less anxious and more connected to their future selves after talking to the chatbot. Behavioral expert Ivo Vlaev praises the project for its potential to positively influence decision-making.

The success of the MIT project depends on how authentic and relevant users find the chatbot’s conversations. If perceived as genuine and insightful, it could significantly impact users’ behavior for the better. However, if the interactions feel superficial, its effectiveness may be limited.

 Researchers from MIT are optimistic that engaging in conversations with one’s 60-year-old self could alter perspectives on health, finances, and employment.    

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