Mona Singh feels the paparazzi wait for wardrobe malfunctions: ‘Will they zoom into a man’s crotch?’ | Hindi Movie News – Times of India


Recently, many female actors including Mrunal Thakur, Palak Tiwari, Janhvi Kapoor among others have criticized paparazzi for being intrusive and zooming in on their bodies without consent. And now, Mona Singh has joined the conversation, saying that she finds such practices ‘disturbing.’
Pointing out the gender bias, Mona told News18, “They keep focusing on women’s bodies inappropriately.Will they do this to a man by zooming into their crotch when they’re walking? No, they won’t. But they do that to every woman.”
Mona also shared her thoughts on how paparazzi sometimes seem to anticipate fashion malfunctions to sensationalize their coverage. “Whether you attend an event or go to an award function, these are the kinds of videos you keep seeing of yourself. I think every woman actor should stand up and raise their voice against it. It’s really not cool what they do. It’s almost like they wait for some faux pas to happen,” she remarked.

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Meanwhile, Neha Sharma has also voiced her disappointment over being photographed from inappropriate angles by the paparazzi. She criticized this behaviour of the paparazzi, admitting that this invasion of privacy affects her at times. She also shared how this issue impacts women’s freedom, particularly in terms of how they dress.

“There are days when you don’t want to be seen, so you take a break, like I did recently. These are things you have to do to stay relevant. It’s important to be seen in today’s time. As for the angles, it does get distasteful. As a woman, you also lose your freedom to dress the way you want to. When you are in the public eye, you do have to be careful as sometimes things go out of line,” Neha told India Today.
However, she also recognizes it as part of the business and also expressed empathy for the paparazzi and their need to earn a living.

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