Microwaved Mailbox: US Woman Goes Viral With Eco-Friendly Reuse


Protecting our environment is becoming increasingly important, and recycling is a key way to do that. Instead of throwing away old appliances, which can contain harmful materials, we can recycle them. This not only keeps those toxins out of landfills, but it also allows us to conserve precious resources by using recycled materials like steel and aluminum in new products.

Recently, a viral video making the rounds on social media shows a woman doing her share of eco-friendly recycling. The video features a resourceful resident of Queens, New York, who has given her old microwave a second life by transforming it into a unique and eco-friendly mailbox. This creative approach to reuse has captured the hearts (and mail) of the internet.

The video highlights the woman’s ingenious storage solution. She has strategically placed the microwave on their porch and provided clear instructions for the mail carrier. Notably, the top of the microwave is prominently marked “Mailbox,” while a label affixed to the lower right corner of the door reads “Press to Open” in a direct and informative manner.

Watch the video here:

The video has received several likes on Instagram, and many people have left interesting comments on it.

“This is actually genius because no bugs will get in, and she’s recycling,” commented a user.

“That’s normal in regional Australia. Fridges, microwaves, gas bottles-anything you can stick something in is a mail box,” wrote another user.

“As a teacher, I used an old microwave as my students’ inbox for submitting work (before we went digital). I cut the cord so no one would try zapping staples or whatever. They got a kick out of it,” commented a third user.

 A viral video from Queens, New York, showcases a creative resident who repurposes her old microwave into a unique mailbox, promoting eco-friendly recycling.    

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