Like Samantha Ruth Prabhu, Rediscover Yourself With Meditation In Coimbatore


Samantha Ruth Prabhu has tapped into her inner spirituality. The actress has always been a vocal advocate of self-care and wellness practices. Now, she has found a way to escape from the worldly chaos. How? By seeking peace, “wisdom” and “knowledge” at Isha Foundation, a yogic retreat established by Sadhguru. In a series of pictures on Instagram, she documented her experience at the serene premises in Coimbatore. Samantha joined the crowd indulging in the path of calm and tranquility, pausing her work commitments temporarily. She spent her time meditating and being at peace with nature. Other activities on her itinerary were feeding the cattle and soaking in the beauty of the place. She did so with a smile, seemingly loving every moment in the rural setting. 

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In a thoughtful note, Samantha wrote, “So many of us search for a Guru or mentor. When you find one with the intensity, perception, and compassion to light up your life, it is a rare privilege. If you want a piece of wisdom, you have to search in the world. Because everyday things are being thrown at you, it’s become easy. You’re thinking… You’re thinking this is normal. This is not normal. You must work hard for it. And just knowing is not enough. Implementation of this knowledge is what truly matters. Guru.” She added a prayer hand emoji and tagged Sadhguru and Isha Foundation to the post. 

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Samantha Ruth Prabhu’s battle with Myositis — an autoimmune condition is not a secret. The actress was diagnosed with the disease in 2022. Since then she has been raising awareness of the medical condition. In February, Samantha made her debut health podcast with co-host Akhlesh. The actress spoke about the “harrowing experience” after the diagnosis. “I worked out, I woke up early, I laughed a lot, I ate healthy, I worked out like crazy,” she said, highlighting that Myositis could happen to anyone; even those who maintained a healthy lifestyle, followed a nutritious diet and hit the gym regularly. Watch the full video here: 

Samantha Ruth Prabhu’s wellness diaries are surely inspiring. 

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 Samantha Ruth Prabhu’s soulful weekend in Coimbatore included meditation and reconnecting with nature    

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