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Right before her swearing-in ceremony, actor-turned-politician Kangana Ranaut stirred excitement on social media by sharing her elegant look for the event. Known for her bold fashion choices and unapologetic style, Ranaut once again captured the public’s attention with her sophisticated attire.
On June 9, Kangana posted a video on her official X account, showcasing her ensemble for the significant occasion.Accompanying the video, she wrote, “My oath day look, howz it? (sic),” inviting her followers to share in the moment. The video quickly garnered likes and comments, with fans praising her poised and refined appearance.

Kangana chose an ivory-colored ensemble that exuded grace and elegance. The outfit was complemented by a stunning pearl and emerald necklace, paired with matching earrings. Her choice of jewellery added a touch of regality to her look, emphasizing her sophisticated taste. She opted for minimal makeup, allowing her natural beauty to shine through and keeping the focus on her exquisite attire.


Ranaut appeared poised and ready as she prepared to attend the oath-taking ceremony at Rashtrapati Bhavan. Arriving at the venue about half an hour before the swearing-in began, she demonstrated her commitment and punctuality, reflecting her serious approach to her new political role.
As a BJP candidate, Kangana Ranaut won the Mandi Lok Sabha seat, securing 74,755 votes against her Congress rival, Vikramaditya Singh. This victory marked a significant milestone in her career, transitioning from a celebrated actor to a respected politician. Reflecting on her win, Kangana expressed deep emotion, stating that the outcome in Mandi had been particularly moving for her, as her “motherland” had called her back.
The oath-taking ceremony took place on June 9 at 7:15 pm at Rashtrapati Bhavan, New Delhi. The event was a grand affair, attended by dignitaries and special invitees from neighboring countries and the Indian Ocean Region. The presence of such high-profile guests underscored the importance of the ceremony and Kangana’s new role in Indian politics.

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In light of the event, stringent traffic restrictions and airspace curbs were implemented in the national capital to ensure the smooth conduct of the ceremony. Security was heightened to manage the influx of attendees and to maintain order during the prestigious occasion.
Kangana Ranaut’s transition from Bollywood to politics has been marked by her characteristic determination and flair. Her journey from the silver screen to the political arena is a testament to her versatility and commitment to serving her nation. As she embarks on this new chapter, her fans and followers eagerly await to see how she will leverage her influence and dedication to bring about positive change in her constituency and beyond.
The swearing-in ceremony was not just a political milestone but also a showcase of Kangana’s signature style and grace. Her choice of attire, reflecting both tradition and modernity, set a high bar for political fashion, proving that one can maintain elegance and poise while stepping into the demanding world of politics.

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This event marked a new beginning for Kangana Ranaut, as she vowed to serve her people with the same passion and dedication that she has always shown in her film career. The ceremony at Rashtrapati Bhavan was a celebration of democracy, resilience, and the beginning of a journey that promises to be as remarkable as Kangana’s illustrious career in cinema. As she takes on her new role, the nation watches with great interest, eager to witness the impact of her dynamic presence in Indian politics.

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