Evenings on the terrace


Relax on a swing on the terrace.

Relax on a swing on the terrace.
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Be it summer or winter, sun or rain, work or no work, my wife and I must sit on our terrace swing every evening for about an hour. In case children have come home for a short holiday, they also join us. It’s family time. Young and old sitting together and sharing their thoughts. We laugh aloud which can be heard even by the evening walkers in our lane. They also smile.

It’s the time when we communicate freely about our feelings and emotions. While I talk about my cycling and meeting people, my wife shares her school experience and creative time with children. In case anything is worrying her, we discuss it and sort it out. The aim is not to carry any baggage, and to feel light.

It’s also a bonding time, saying “hello” to neighbours from the rooftop. With neighbours waving while watering the plants on the first floor or carrying their toddler, the evening turns lively. Oh yes, you can see the manicured lawns and how it is being tended to.

When our children come, they point out to a lovely ecosystem of birds as the plot behind our house has a large number of trees. The loud melody of the cuckoo, the parrots screeching and the magnificent great coucal are part of it. Sparrows and pigeons come for grains and water kept on the parapet. The talk invariably turns to nature and the birds. Don’t miss out the perfect V formation of birds as they return home in the evening. We also love to see the Air Force aircraft doing a sortie or a civil aircraft flyng to Chandigarh, Delhi or Srinagar.

The family time becomes wholesome with children adding to our joy and grandchild multiplying our happiness. One has realised that swing time is positivity around, allowing you to bare your heart and refresh your mind. It is a pious moment in which you forget your worries and express your gratitude to God for his bounties!.

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