Benefits Of Cardamom Water: Why You Should Incorporate This Drink In Your Daily Diet


The foundation of good health starts in your kitchen. In India, spices play an important role, not just by elevating the overall taste of the food but also by providing several health benefits. In fact, spice-induced drinks are becoming popular because they promote overall well-being. From jeera water to methi water, the list of these detox, nutritional drinks is endless. One such spice-infused recipe is cardamom water. Now, if you are a chai fan, you know how deliciously cardamom (elaichi), elevates the beverage. Additionally, when you are sick, you must have noticed your mother specifically putting cardamom pods in your chai. But have you wondered why? This is because cardamom provides multiple health benefits. An easy way to imbibe all the goodness of this spice is by drinking cardamom-infused water. Not only is it delicious, but it can also improve your overall health. Read on to learn how cardamom water can benefit you!

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How To Make Cardamom Water

To make cardamom water at home, crush 304 green cardamom pods and add it to boiling water. Reduce the heat and let the water simmer for about 5-10 minutes. This will allow the cardamom to infuse. Once the water changes colour, switch off the flame and let it cool. Strain and add a tablespoon of honey, and enjoy!

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Here Are 5 Health Benefits Of Drinking Cardamom Water

1. Improved Digestive Health

Cardamom is known for providing relief from several digestive issues. As per a 2004 research study published in the Indian Journal of Medical Research, cardamom is packed with phenolic compounds, volatile oils, and fixed oils that have medicinally been used as digestive aid for years. These oils can help relieve excess gas, while improving digestive health and provide natural support to the intestines. Cardamom-infused water also eases bloating. So if you drink cardamom-infused water every day, you can goodbye to your digestive problems!

2. Antimicrobial Properties

Cardamom has potential antimicrobial effects that can help you fight infection. A 2008 study published in the journal Molecules found that the essential oil of cardamom can effectively kill different types of fungi and bacteria. This can help fight common pathogens, and potentially prevent infections. So, drinking cardamom-infused water every day can help strengthen your immune system and enhance your body’s ability to fight off harmful microbes.

3. Antioxidant Activity

According to a 2023 research study published in the journal Molecules, cardamom is rich in bioactive compounds like terpenes and phenolic compounds that show powerful antioxidant properties. These can help neutralise harmful free radicals in the body that can cause oxidative stress. If you drink cardamom-infused water every day, it can contribute to your overall antioxidant intake, help protect your cells and maintain good health overall.

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4. Heart Health

Drinking cardamom water can help support healthy heart health. It can help regulate blood pressure and improve lipid profiles. Several animal research have been linked to cardamom boosting health. A 2015 research study published in the International Journal of Molecular Sciences found that the antioxidant properties in this spice protected rats against heart attacks. Another study published in 2016 in the Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture found that the cholesterol levels in rats significantly lowered after they were fed cardamom. Regular consumption of cardamom water may help support healthy blood pressure levels and improve cholesterol balance.

5. Oral Health

Several people think that only mint and cinnamon can help freshen their breath, however, cardamom has been used for this purpose for centuries. Not just because of the cardamom water’s mild sweet flavour, but the spice may help fight bacteria in the mouth, which normally causes bad breath, cavities, and gum diseases. Since it is packed with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, regular consumption of cardamom water, especially on an empty stomach in the morning, may help prevent the development of cavities and promote good oral health.

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 Cardamom water benefits: Cardamom water, when consumed early in the morning on an empty stomach, can provide several benefits from digestive to oral.    

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