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Health advice to take with no pinch of salt

In the last three years, the COVID-19 vaccine has generated a lot of public interest as a possible risk factor for blood clot formation, resulting in sudden cardiac arrest. However, a proven, bigger, and preventable risk factor for heart attack and brain stroke, i.e., hypertension, rarely gets due public attention. Let us dive deep into high blood pressure and its public health relevance. In 2023, the World Health Organization (WHO) released a report, the first ever on hypertension, titled “Global report on hypertension: the race against a silent killer”. Hypertension was considered a silent killer as people often are not aware about high blood pressure till they develop complications. High blood pressure is the singlemost important risk factor for early deaths, leading to an estimated ...

The challenge of extra-pulmonary TB

A tuberculosis patient receives medicines from a nurse at a TB hospital in Guwahati. File | Photo Credit: AP While the most common form of tuberculosis (TB), which is pulmonary TB, infects the lungs, some 20% of TB infections develop in the lymph nodes, brain, gut, eyes, or other organs. Some of these organs have immune privileges in the body. This means that extra-pulmonary infections can persist even after the TB infection in the lungs is resolved. Just as we have an undercount of the people infected with TB, the public health challenge of extra-pulmonary TB (EPTB) may be larger than our current estimates.The World Health Organization (WHO) reports over 10 million new cases of TB every year and India alone accounts for 27% of the global TB burden. However, the burden of EPTB is hard ...

South Gaza hospitals have only three days’ fuel left: WHO – Times of India

GENEVA: Hospitals in the southern Gaza Strip have only three days of fuel left, the head of the World Health Organization said Wednesday, due to closed border crossings.Despite international objections, Israel sent tanks into the overcrowded southern city of Rafah on Tuesday and seized the nearby crossing into Egypt that is the main conduit for aid into the besieged Palestinian territory."The closure of the border crossing continues to prevent the UN from bringing fuel. Without fuel all humanitarian operations will stop. Border closures are also impeding delivery of humanitarian aid into Gaza," WHO Director General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said on X, formerly Twitter."Hospitals in the south of Gaza only have three days of fuel left, which means services may soon come to a halt." Tedro...

Dozens of cholera cases reported in flood-hit Kenya – Times of India

NAIROBI: The United Nations voiced concern on Wednesday after dozens of cases of cholera were reported in flood-stricken Kenya.The World Health Organization (WHO) said 44 cases of the disease have been reported in Tana River County in eastern Kenya, one of the areas hardest hit in weeks of destructive rains and flooding."I believe that between government and national and international partners, we'll be able to contain it," the UN's resident coordinator in Kenya, Stephen Jackson, said in an interview with Citizen TV."We've contained cholera before, but it's a significant concern," he added.Cholera is an acute intestinal infection that spreads through contaminated food and water and typically causes severe diarrhoea, vomiting and muscle cramps.It can be especially dangerous for young chi...