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Soon, scientists may be able to predict volcanic eruptions more accurately – Times of India

NEW DELHI: In a notable advancement in volcanology, recent research promises to improve the accuracy of predicting volcanic eruptions, allowing communities near these geological giants to have increased security. By delving deep into the Earth’s crust, scientists have uncovered new methods that refine how we foresee these potential disasters.Traditionally, volcanic predictions focused on the upper layers of the Earth’s crust, where magma forms and accumulates.However, a shift in research focus led by scientists from Imperial College London and the University of Bristol, including Dr Catherine Booth, aims deeper—up to 20 kilometers underground, at the very origin points of magma, a report in the said.Dr Booth highlights the study’s novel approach: “We expanded our research deep...

Indonesia’s Mount Ibu erupts again, spews huge ash tower amid floods – Times of India

JAKARTA: A volcano in eastern Indonesia erupted on Monday, spewing a huge ash tower more than five kilometres (three miles) into the sky after authorities raised its alert level to the second-highest last week.No damage or casualties were immediately reported but images showed a column of ash soaring into the sky on Halmahera island in North Maluku province.Authorities said it reached more than five kilometres above the volcano's peak, one of the biggest eruptions in recent months.The grey-black ash column was observed with "thick intensity, leaning towards the west," Geology Agency head Muhammad Wafid said in a statement Monday.Wafid urged nearby residents to wear facemasks and glasses when going outdoors to protect against falling volcanic ash.The volcano erupted on Saturday on a smal...