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Health News: Ageing secrets of Indian celebs, dos and don’ts of thyroid problem, managing gastric issue, symptoms of colorectal cancer, hidden risk of tampons, and more | – Times of India

Read today's health news briefing here. Your morning dose of health updates, news and latest guidelines are all here:Growing old gracefully is an art, and Indian celebrities have perfected it. With their glowing complexions, timeless charm, and vibrant well-being, these stars often epitomize youth and vitality. Examining the aging techniques of Indian celebrities uncovers a fusion of ancient Ayurvedic rituals and cutting-edge contemporary therapies.Sleep and brain health, learn how are they connected. Recommended sleep durations by age are as follows: ages 1-5 years require 10-14 hours (including naps), ages 6-12 years need 9-12 hours, ages 13-18 years should get 8-10 hours, and adults generally need 7-9 hours per day.Do you brush twice a day? While brushing twice a day is an important ...