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Taiwan detects 8 Chinese naval ships encircling it – Times of India

TAIPEI: Taiwan's ministry of defense (MND) detected the presence of Chinese naval ships around its vicinity on Tuesday. According to the defence ministry's statement, eight Chinese naval vessels were spotted around the country until 6 am.In response, Taiwan sent naval ships and deployed coastal-based missile systems to monitor the People's Liberation Army (PLA) activity, according to the MND.In a post on X, Taiwan's MND said, "8 PLAN vessels operating around Taiwan were detected up until 6 a.m. (UTC+8) today. #ROCArmedForces has monitored the situation and responded accordingly. No flight path illustration is provided due to no PLA aircraft crossing the median line."The ministry of defence in Taiwan also noted 8 PLAN vessels operating around Taiwan on Monday. As per Taiwan news, this de...

45 Chinese aircraft detected around Taiwan – Times of India

NEW DELHI: Taipei on Wednesday reported detecting 45 Chinese military aircraft near Taiwan, marking the highest count for a single day this year. This development comes less than a week before the inauguration of Taiwan's new president, whom China considers a "dangerous separatist."China asserts sovereignty over democratic Taiwan and has reiterated its stance of not ruling out the use of force to reunify it with the mainland.The Chinese government has cautioned against the incoming president, Lai Ching-te, warning of potential "war and decline" for the island. Tensions have escalated since Lai's victory in the January election.On Wednesday, the defense ministry of Taipei reported that they had identified 45 Chinese aircraft and six naval vessels operating in the vicinity of Taiwan in th...