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Can artificial glaciers help with water shortages? – Times of India

About 1.9 billion people around the world rely on glaciers and snow packs as a source of drinking water.As glaciers undergo a normal process of melting during the year's warmer months, they steadily pour vast quantities of water into rivers, sustaining humans, industry, and ecosystems. But to be able to do this, glaciers have to replenish at a similar rate during winter months when snow falls.Yet as global temperatures rise and rainfall patterns change, the system has been thrown off.Now the world's glaciers are shrinking by 1.2 trillion tons of ice a year. Even if humanity can limit global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius (2.7 degrees Fahrenheit), half of the world's mountain glaciers could disappear by 2100.One of the world's most vulnerable areas is the Indus basin, which provides wate...

Chinese mill blamed for turning Serbia village red with pollution – Times of India

SMEDEREVO: In the eight years since Chinese company HBIS bought a steel mill near the eastern Serbian city of Smederevo, locals say they have been plagued by heavy air pollution and thick red dust."There are times of the day when breathing normally is impossible," said Zvezdan Veljkovic, from the village of Radinac, where the mill is based.Radinac has become known as "red village", because everything is permanently coated in a layer of red dust.Locals say cancer cases have rocketed and that the dust contains high levels of arsenic, chromium and lead.Dragana Milic told AFP her grandchildren don't like coming to visit her anymore. "They won't play outside," she said.HBIS -- one of the world's largest steel producers -- bought the mill in 2016 in a high-profile deal marked by a visit from ...