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Study finds harmful microplastics in every single human testicle | – Times of India

A new study by researchers at the University of New Mexico has found 12 types of microplastics human testes. The study published in the journal Toxicological Sciences highlights the "potential consequences for male fertility." The testes analysed were obtained from postmortems in 2016, with the men ranging in age from 16 to 88 when they died.Microplastics are tiny plastic particles less than 5 millimeters in size.They originate from the breakdown of larger plastic debris and are also manufactured as small particles, such as microbeads in cosmetics. These pollutants are pervasive in the environment, contaminating oceans, rivers, and soil. Microplastics can be ingested by marine life and enter the food chain, potentially impacting human health. Their small size makes them difficult to fil...

Global plastic treaty will only work if it caps production, modelling shows – Times of India

LEEDS: An international agreement to end plastic pollution is due to be sealed this year in Busan, South Korea. At the penultimate round of negotiations, held in Ottawa, Canada, Rwanda and Peru proposed a target to cut the weight of primary plastics produced worldwide by 40% by 2040, compared with 2025. This is the first time that a limit on the production of plastic has been considered at the UN talks aiming to develop an international legally binding instrument to end plastic pollution.Of the potential mechanisms for tackling plastic pollution, a cap on plastic production was the most hotly debated, but one has not made it into the draft text of the treaty - not yet, at least. However, all efforts to scientifically model the extent of plastic pollution in the future assume that restri...