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Manisha Koirala reveals making peace with not embracing motherhood post ovarian cancer | – Times of India

Manisha Koirala, renowned for her illustrious career spanning remarkable roles, recently shared her journey of finding peace amidst life's uncertainties. Despite portraying maternal characters on screen, she revealed her acceptance of not experiencing motherhood in real life, attributing this realization to her battle with ovarian cancer.In an interview with NDTV, Manisha reflected on the profound impact of her health struggles stating, "There are, somewhere, unfinished things in my life.As you grow older, you accept your reality. There are so many dreams that you realize are not going to happen, and you make peace with that. Motherhood is one of them" She acknowledged the emotional turmoil of facing ovarian cancer and the subsequent realization of not being able to bear children. Howev...

Manisha Koirala reveals her close friends, affluent extended family left her alone after cancer diagnosis: ‘Only my immediate family supported me’ | Hindi Movie News – Times of India

Manisha Koirala opened up about the deep impact her battle with cancer had on her relationships and personal growth. She revealed that her cancer diagnosis led to several eye-opening realizations, particularly regarding the support system she had believed in. She expressed disappointment at how some of her close friends distanced themselves during her illness, stating that only her immediate family stood steadfastly by her side."It’s been a journey. It has also been a learning experience. I really believed that I had multiple friends. I thought partying together, travelling together, having fun together, people will sit with me in my pain. That was not so. People are not capable of sitting with anybody’s pain, let alone their own pain. We always try to find excuses to not feel pain. We ...