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Panchayat 3 actor Sunita Rajwar reveals why she took a break from acting: ‘I had decided that I’ll not play a maid anymore’ | Hindi Movie News – Times of India

Sunita Rajwar, who is currently receiving praise for her role of Kranti Devi in Panchayat 3, recently revealed that she once took a break from acting due to a lack of suitable roles. She explained her decision to avoid maid roles, stating that as an actor, one is open to various roles, but typecasting limited her opportunities. "I have gone through a lot, I didn’t want to keep doing the similar type of role again.I have been saying no to such roles for some time now, that’s also why I took a break in the first place,” she told The Indian Express. Sunita feels blessed that her break allowed her to be accepted in diverse roles and characters, and also getting a chance to do that she loves and make the audience happy with her work. She thinks that it is difficult to gain audience love, esp...