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51 evacuated, over 10 dead in suspected Mediterranean migration accident – Times of India

NEW DELHI: Over ten suspected migrants died, and 51 were evacuated on Monday after a failed attempt to cross Mediterranean waters near a southern Italian island close to North Africa, according to several reports.The German aid organization RESQSHIP, which operates the Nadir rescue ship, reported rescuing 51 individuals from a sinking wooden vessel, including two who were unconscious.They also discovered 10 bodies on board.In a post on X, RESQSHIP mentioned that their crew was “caring” for the 51 people rescued from the boat, but lamented that “the rescue came too late for 10 people.” The post added that “two of the rescued were unconscious and had to be cut free with an axe.”This southern Italian island, located near North Africa, is a notorious destination for human smugglers, with 12...

Biden to sign order that halts asylum if migrant arrival hits 2,500 in a day – Times of India

WASHINGTON: The White House is telling lawmakers that President Joe Biden is preparing to sign off on an executive order that would shut down asylum requests to the US-Mexico border once the number of daily encounters hits 2,500 between ports of entry, with the border reopening once that number declines to 1,500, according to several people familiar with the discussions.The impact of the 2,500 figure means that the border could be closed to migrants seeking asylum effectively immediately, because daily figures are higher than that now.The Democratic prez is expected to unveil his actions — which mark his most aggressive unilateral move yet to control the numbers at the border —at the White House on Tuesday at an event to which border mayors have been invited.Five people familiar with th...