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Magnus Carlsen claims victory in Norway Chess 2024; Ju Wenjun wins women’s event

Magnus Carlsen won the Norway Chess 2024 tournament late on Friday night after defeating Fabiano Caruana in the Armageddon with white pieces. The duo had played out 52 moves in the Armageddon format before Caruana threw in the towel. Their classical game had meandered into a draw after 25 moves with a three-fold repetition on the board. Carlsen’s victory was confirmed by Praggnanandhaa holding World No 2 Hikaru Nakamura to a draw in the classical portion. Praggnanandhaa returned in the Armageddon format to take down Nakamura to hand the American his second defeat in the Armageddon format in two days. After victory over Caruana, Carlsen was made to wait a considerable while for confirmation that he had won the title as Nakamura and the 18-year-old Indian were still tussling over the bo...

R Praggnanandhaa suffers defeat to world no. 1 Magnus Carlsen at Norway Chess tournament | Chess News – Times of India

NEW DELHI: World number one Magnus Carlsen extended his lead to a full point by defeating Indian prodigy R Praggnanandhaa in an intense armageddon showdown with White on Tuesday in the eighth round of the Norway Chess 2024 tournament. This victory was especially sweet for Carlsen, who had earlier suffered a rare defeat at the hands of Praggnanandhaa in a classical game format, marking the first time the young Indian talent bested the world champion in such a setting.The day was filled with thrilling encounters. Hikaru Nakamura seemed poised to clinch a win against Alireza Firouzja in classical chess. However, Firouzja showcased remarkable defensive skills, pushing the match into a blitz tiebreaker, where he emerged victorious, much to the delight of his fans.Meanwhile, reigning World Ch...

‘Magnus Carlsen and Vishy Anand have (political) opinions. But they don’t want to share like Garry Kasparov’ – Carlsen’s trainer Peter Heine Nielsen’s interview 

In a freewheeling interview with The Indian Express, Magnus Carlsen’s trainer Peter Heine Nielsen discussed the difference between being Carlsen’s trainer versus working for Viswanathan Anand, why both players are not politically outspoken, why Carlsen likes playing against the younger generation and whether Gukesh playing in the World Championship will coax him to re-consider competing for the crown. Lok Sabha Election Results 2024 Gukesh is in the World Championship and there’s every possibility that someone like Praggnanandhaa or Arjun Erigaisi could also be there soon. Do you believe that those things might just convince Magnus to play once again?  I doubt it. But I haven’t spoken one word with him about it. I don’t know. They (the youngsters) generally try to play chess with him...

Norway Chess: Ding Liren manages to hold Praggnanandhaa to draw as chess world rallies around world champion

World champion Ding Liren managed to halt his sequence of defeats at the Norway Chess tournament in Stavanger on Monday, managing to get a draw against India’s 18-year-old Praggnanandhaa in Round 7 after four consecutive defeats in previous rounds. In the Armageddon battle that followed the draw, however, Praggnanandhaa managed to defeat Ding. Lok Sabha Election Results 2024 While the draw was progress in itself for Ding, the result was painful since he was winning at some stage, but his lack of confidence ensured he ended up losing. Even Praggnanandhaa has now beaten the World No.1 (Magnus Carlsen) and World No.2 in the same event in the classical format. (Norway Chess/Stev Bonhage) was unhappy with the way he won the game. “Things worked out for me. I just have to forget today....

R Praggnanandhaa stuns world champion Ding Liren at Norway Chess tournament | Chess News – Times of India

NEW DELHI: R Praggnanandhaa extended his streak of upsets by defeating world champion Ding Liren in the armageddon game at the Norway Chess tournament on Monday. This victory followed Praggnanandhaa’s impressive wins in the tournament against higher-ranked players like Magnus Carlsen and Fabiano Caruana.Despite managing to draw against Praggnanandhaa in the classical game, Ding Liren faltered in the crucial armageddon game, allowing the young Indian prodigy to claim another high-profile victory.In another intense match, Hikaru Nakamura edged closer to the tournament leader Magnus Carlsen. Nakamura secured his win in an armageddon thriller on time, narrowing the gap to just half a point behind Carlsen.Fabiano Caruana's match against Alireza Firouzja was a roller-coaster of emotions. Caru...