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Lok Sabha elections: Google doodle marks fourth phase of general elections in India 2024 | India News – Times of India

NEW DELHI: The Google doodle for May 13 has been dedicated to the fourth phase of the Lok Sabha Elections. The doodle, which temporarily replaces the iconic "Google" logo on the search engine's homepage, depicts an uplifted index finger marked with indelible ink, capturing the essence of Indian elections. This doodle will only be visible to users in India as the country enters Phase 4 of the Lok Sabha Polls.During the previous phases of the Lok Sabha elections 2024, held on April 19, April 26, and May 7, similar inked finger icons were incorporated into the Google logo. The fourth phase of the elections is being held today with polling in 96 Parliamentary Constituencies across 9 States and one Union Territory. Additionally, all 175 seats of the Andhra Pradesh state legislative assembly ...

Mother’s Day 2024: Google Doodle Honours Affection & Sacrifices Of A Mother For Her Children

Google Doodle: The Google Doodle today (May 12) signifies a pure and innocent bond between a mother and child. It is a sneak peek into the lives of mothers. The doodle basically showcases a scene where a mother could be seen spending time with her children. To honour all the mothers across the globe on this International Mother's Day 2024, the logo of the tech giant Google has been changed. Each year, Mother's Day is celebrated on the second Sunday of May. Mother's Day Google Doodle: Countries Where It's Visible The doodle is visible in numerous European countries including Columbia, Peru, Chile, Mexico, Canada, the United States, Australia, etc. Mother's Day Google Doodle: Is It Visible In India? Mother's Day Google Doodle is not visible to the people w...