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‘This will be last IMF bailout’: Pakistan PM Sharif vows to bring nation’s economy back on track – Times of India

NEW DELHI: Pakistan Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif has vowed to end Pakistan's reliance on foreign aid and IMF bailouts along with surpassing neighboring countries in economic activity. In his televised address to the nation, marking 100 days of his government's rule, Sharif expressed hope that the next IMF deal would be the last in Pakistan's history. The government is currently negotiating with the IMF for a loan estimated between USD 6 billion to USD 8 billion to prevent a default in the slow-paced economy.Sharif emphasized his commitment to reducing expenses and providing education and skills to the youth within five years. He said, "Inshallah, this will be the last IMF programme in Pakistan's history. We will stand on our feet and surpass our neighbouring countries in economic activ...

US employers added a robust 272,000 jobs in May in a sign of sustained economic health – Times of India

WASHINGTON: America's employers added a strong 272,000 jobs in May, accelerating from April and a sign that companies are still confident enough in the economy to keep hiring despite persistently high interest rates. Last month's sizable job gain suggests that the economy is still growing steadily, propelled by consumer spending on travel, entertainment and other services.US airports, for example, reported record traffic over the Memorial Day weekend. A healthy job market typically drives consumer spending, the economy's principal fuel. Though some recent signs had raised concerns about economic weakness, May's jobs report should help assuage those fears. Still, Friday's report from the government included some signs of a potential slowdown. The unemployment rate, for example, edged up ...

Relief for farmers and economy: IMD predicts above-normal monsoon this year | India News – Times of India

India's monsoon season is crucial for the country's agriculture and overall economy. The India Meteorological Department (IMD) on Thursday predicted above-normal rainfall for the core monsoon zone this season, which is a significant relief for the nation facing heatwaves and potential drought conditions. The monsoon rains, expected to be 106% of the long-term average of 87 cm, are vital for irrigating crops, replenishing reservoirs, and supporting the $3.5 trillion economy.The monsoon season, spanning from June to September, delivers almost 70% of the annual rainfall required for agriculture and water resources.With 52% of India's cultivated area depending on rain-fed irrigation, the forecast of above-normal rainfall is expected to boost farm output and economic growth, potentially lowe...