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Weight Loss Story: Man loses 13 Kgs with Sattvik and Jain diet; this is what he ate to lose weight – Times of India

Dr. Bharat Kaushik, aged 41, has experienced a remarkable transformation, shedding 13 kilograms by adopting a Sattvik and Jain diet. His weight loss story is a testament to the power of dedication, the right nutrition, and a balanced workout routine. Here, he shares his inspiring story and the details of his diet and fitness regimen.Turning pointThe turning point for Dr. Bharat came after contracting Covid-19, which led to a period of inactivity and weight gain.The loss of his father and sister further contributed to his lethargy and lack of motivation. However, witnessing his daughter’s strength through regular Taekwondo training inspired him to promise her a fitter and healthier version of himself.DietImportance of Diet: Dr. Bharat emphasizes the significant role of diet, not just for...
Life Style

The Ageing Secrets of Indian Celebrities: Everything from Ayurveda to Botox – Times of India

Growing old gracefully is an art, and Indian celebrities have perfected it. Known for their glowing complexion, timeless charm and vibrant well-being these stars frequently emerge as symbols of youth and vigour. Exploring the ageing techniques of Indian celebrities reveals a blend of ancient Ayurvedic rituals and state of the art contemporary therapies.Ayurveda: The ancient elixirAyurveda or the science of life deeply rooted in Indian tradition also has its contributions in the beauty regimen maintained by the hot and happening celebrities in India.This framework suggests corrections and enhancements of the state of body and mind, aiming at creating equilibrium in both spheres.Meditation for mental clarityIt reduces stress hence providing relaxation to the mind thus having an encouragin...