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AI Young Students Benefits: 5 key benefits of introducing AI to young students | – Times of India

In this technological world, AI has always gained prominence in higher education but no one is exactly emphasizing this in kids' education. Nowadays, Kids are surrounded by technology, ranging from gadgets to toys, which plays an important role in shaping their environment. Introducing AI to young students is important as it aligns their education with the rapidly evolving technological landscape.Early exposure to AI concepts fosters a generation of thinkers who are not just consumers of technology but are also innovators and creators.Future skills kids can Learn from AIAI is not just a subject to learn but a tool that can teach valuable skills for the future. By interacting with AI technologies, students can develop critical skills such as coding, data analysis, and problem-solving. Ad...

In 1st year of roll-out, AI finds less takers than Hindi & Arabic in state-run schools: Only 500 of 4.28L class IX students opt for it – Times of India

GUWAHATI: In Assam, subjects like Hindi and Arabic are surprisingly finding more takers among school students than artificial intelligence. AI was introduced along with robotics in state-run schools this year with an aim to modernise the curriculum, aligning it with global technological advancements.Though expectations were high, only about 500 of the 4.28 lakh registered Class IX students have opted for AI and robotics so far.The Board of Secondary Education, Assam (Seba) is offering AI and robotics as an elective subject to students of Class IX to begin with. With the deadline for registration for the 2026 state board exam nearing its mid-June cutoff, various districts are now promoting AI among students through workshops, emphasising its global demand and promising opportunities.“We ...