World’s Shortest Married Couple Claims World Record: “We Have Big Hearts”


The Guinness World Records organization consistently recognises remarkable human achievements, and a recent addition has garnered significant online attention. Paulo Gabriel da Silva Barros and Katyucia Lie Hoshino, a Brazilian couple, have officially secured the title of shortest married couple in the world.

This distinction highlights a heartwarming story of resilience and love. Rather than succumbing to societal pressures, Mr Barros and Ms Hoshino have embraced their unique physical characteristics and cultivated a lasting partnership. Their narrative has resonated with a global audience, inspiring others to celebrate diversity and acceptance.

The couple, who met virtually in 2006, fostered a strong connection for over 15 years before formalizing their union.  At 31 and 28 years old, respectively, they have become the shortest married couple documented. The news, announced on the official Guinness World Records Instagram page, quickly gained widespread traction.

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Expressing their profound happiness and unwavering commitment to facing life’s challenges as a united front, Mr Barros and Ms Hoshino have served as an inspiration to individuals of all statures.

They said, “We may be short but we have big hearts and lots of love for each other as well as everybody in our lives. Our life isn’t without its challenges but we are so happy we can tackle these challenges together.” 

According to the Guinness World Records, the combined height of the couple is 181.41 cm (71.42 inches). Paulo’s height is 90.28 cm (35.54 in) while Katyucia’s height is 91.13 cm (35.88 in).

Social media users showered their love for the newly married couple. 

A user wrote, “Best couple.”

Another user wrote, “Very nice. Congratulations to you both!. All the Best!. Have a great day and weekend Everyone!”

“Couple with pure love,” the third user wrote on Instagram. 

 The couple, who met virtually in 2006, fostered a strong connection for over 15 years before getting married.    

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