Why AAP RS member Swati Maliwal beaten at Kejriwal home by his ps,See video ,many rumors? Spreading


Many things have been said in the news of Swati Maliwal being beaten by Kejriwal’s PA Vibhav Kumar in her Sheesh Mahal on social media and many news portals. Swati Maliwal told the police over the phone from Kejriwal’s house that she was at Kejriwal’s house and Vibhav Kumar was beating her. It was also reported that she was saying that she did this at the behest of Kejriwal and some youtubers say that Sunita Kejriwal was also behind this. Swati went to the police station and told the SHO about the incident, but she did not give any written complaint. Now let’s get to the main story… According to AAP party functionaries, Kejriwal had sent a message to Swati from senior party leaders, asking her to resign from the Rajya Sabha as “our Abhishek Manu Singhvi had a deal that he would send her to the Rajya Sabha instead of bailing out Kejriwal.” Swati was also told that she would be sent to the Rajya Sabha from Punjab later as Harbhajan Singh is expected to leave the seat and join the BJP. It seems that Kejriwal had called Swati Maliwal yesterday and she was asked to sign the resignation letter from the Rajya Sabha but she refused to do so and then she was beaten up in reward. The police are investigating and so far have only said that Swati’s phone call was not fake, but Swati’s not filing a complaint in writing is also mysterious because when she has been abused, a written complaint should be given.The BJP is certainly attacking Kejriwal over Swati Maliwal’s case – but Swati Maliwal cannot be called a very trustworthy person given her past conduct and it does not seem that she is having a change of heart for the BJP. Singhvi, AAP, Swati Maliwal or Kejriwal have not refuted Abhishek Manu Singhvi’s reason behind beating up Swati Maliwal. Only Kejriwal should answer this when he wants answers to his every nonsense only from Modi. Singhvi said, “Justice people are my batchmates and I can get you out of jail till the elections, but apart from my fee, Kejriwal will have to send me to the Rajya Sabha.Now think what it means that they will give bail to Kejriwal – This means that even if it is not possible to get bail legally, you will still get bail. Then it can also be taken to mean that there may have been a deal with Abhishek and through Abhishek there may have been a deal with Justice Sanjiv Khanna that after his retirement in May 2025, he will also be sent to the Rajya Sabha and therefore Hemant Soren was not given bail. And do you know whether Chandrachud ji has also been assured of another seat after November 24, like Gogoi should be given to him, the corruption prevailing in the Indian society has not spared any leader, party, bureaucracy or judiciary, anything can be true.

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