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Juhi Chawla is a known name in the entertainment industry and has carved a niche with her acting prowess. Earlier, she shared her early experiences in the film industry, including Salman Khan, with whom she got a chance to work. She mentioned this when asked about Salman Khan‘s statement that he wanted to marry her, but her father did not approve.
In an old video that went viral on social media, Salman Khan claimed that he had approached Juhi Chawla’s father to ask for her hand in marriage.Her father rejected Salman, and in the video from the 90s, Salman mentioned that he was rejected because he “didn’t fit the bill.” Later, Juhi Chawla went on to marry businessman Jay Mehta in 1995.
When asked about the viral video, Juhi Chawla laughed and revealed in an interview with News18 that she was just starting out in her career when Salman Khan, who wasn’t yet a big star, was cast as the lead in a film she was offered. However, at that time, she didn’t know anyone in the industry, including Salman, Aamir Khan, or others. Incidentally, she couldn’t do the film due to some issues.
Further she said that Salman often reminds her about not doing a film with him, saying, “You didn’t do the film with me.” Juhi also shared that they didn’t work together much in films but have done many stage shows. She also noted Salman’s cameo in ‘Deewana Mastana’.
As seen in the old video, Salman called Juhi a ‘very sweet, adorable girl’ and shared that he had once approached her father to ask for her hand in marriage. But her father said ‘NO’, “Don’t fit the bill I guess,” when asked about the reason for the rejection.
Talking about Juhi’s work, her latest appearance was in the Prime Video thriller series ‘Hush Hush’ (2022), where she starred alongside Ayesha Jhulka, Soha Ali Khan, and Shahana Goswami.
Meanwhile, Salman Khan is eagerly anticipating the release of his highly anticipated film, ‘Kisi Ka Bhai Kisi Ki Jaan’.

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