Watch: Artist Creates Stunning Masterpieces Out Of Food, Amazes The Internet


Art comes in many forms. From painting and sculpture to music and dance, the range of artistic expression is as diverse as the human experience itself. Among these varied forms, the art of food is considered unique by many. Creating beautiful works using food is all about simplicity and creativity, transforming basic ingredients like fruits, vegetables, and grains into eye-catching arrangements. Now, let’s meet this Picasso of food, who takes food styling to a whole new level. He weaves his magic with everyday ingredients like tofu and vegetables, turning them into jaw-dropping creations. His latest masterpiece is a book and a butterfly, created with such intricate detail, you would never guess they were made of food!
In a video posted on Instagram, the artist is seen taking a large block of tofu and making precise vertical and horizontal cuts. He then parts the tofu into two sections, allowing them to fall to each side, resembling the pages of an open book. Next, he slices a cucumber thinly to create the cover of the book. To complete the look, he chops some greens and places them atop the “food book,” making it visually stunning. In his next creation, he transforms another block of tofu into a delicate butterfly. He shapes the tofu and decorates it with greens, adding finely cut pieces to form the butterfly’s antennae or feelers. Both creations are visually stunning, showcasing the artist’s incredible skill and creativity in food styling. Watch the video here:
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The video has gone viral, gaining significant attention online. One user commented, “That takes ‘playing with your food’ to a whole new level.” Another user commented, “Gorgeous no doubt, but I couldn’t help but imagine someone ordering the 1 lb garnished tofu block.” “Wow! Amazing! It’s real art!” read a third comment, while another said, “Most satisfying video I’ve seen today.” Someone else commented, “Beautiful art.”
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 In a video circulating online, an artist showcases their talent by carving an open book and a butterfly out of tofu.    

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