Viral Video Shows Woman’s Compassion For Struggling Rickshaw Puller


In the sweltering heat of summer, cart drivers often struggle with heavy loads, their work made even more grueling by extreme weather conditions. However, a recent viral video on X (formerly Twitter) showcases a heartwarming act of kindness that has touched the hearts of many.

The video captures a woman rushing to help a rickshaw puller who is struggling to transport a large air cooler cart up a flyover. As the driver labors under the scorching sun, the woman steps in to offer much-needed assistance. She begins to push the cart from behind, helping to lighten the load and provide some relief to the exhausted driver.

Despite her initial determination, the heat and effort soon take their toll on the woman. Realizing she needs help, she calls over a friend who is filming the entire scene. Together, they continue to push the rickshaw up the incline, demonstrating teamwork and compassion. Their combined efforts eventually bring them to the top of the flyover.

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Once they reach their destination, the woman asks the driver to stop the cart. She then displays her generosity by offering him a lunch box and a bottle of water, providing not just physical assistance but also a moment of refreshment and respite.

The video quickly became a viral sensation, garnering a whopping 5 lakh views on X (formerly Twitter). This heartwarming act of kindness struck a chord with netizens, who flooded the comments section with praise.

“Even if all this is done for the video, it is still good; at least someone is getting help, and it is also a good lesson for those who make weird videos,” commented a user.

“Today, people do anything to make a reel. But the good thing is that at least someone has benefited from this reel. Best of luck and best wishes to you,” wrote another user.

 A heartwarming video showing a woman aiding a rickshaw puller in the intense summer heat has gone viral on X (formerly Twitter), capturing the attention and praise of netizens for her compassionate act.    

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