Viral Video: Russian Influencer Tries Bhutta For The First Time, Watch Her Reaction


Indian street foods enjoy a devoted fanbase not just in the country but also abroad. Foreigners visit India to try lip-smacking street-style dishes, videos of which often go viral. Now, a social media influencer named Mariia Chugurova has travelled to Mumbai all the way from Russia. The reason is obvious: to explore the country’s lip-smacking desi cuisines. In a video on Instagram, she was seen relishing the “corny goodness” of “bhutta,” a roasted corn cob, for the first time. She greeted the vendor with a “namaste, bhaiya” before asking for a bhutta. 
While the corn cob was being roasted on an open fire, she engaged in a conversation with the vendor and his sons. Speaking with the youngest member, Amin, Chugurova asked him to be her manager while she posed with fans near the stall. “Ek photo ka 100 rupees (1 photo costs 100 rupees),” said Amin, before breaking into a smile. After the interaction, it was time for Mariia Chugurova to take her first bite of bhutta. And guess what? She found the snack item “so delish” that it made her question her “entire snacking history.” Watch the full video here:
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Sharing her first-time bhutta-eating experience, Mariia Chugurova wrote, “Who knew a corn stall could be the new hotspot for talent scouting, am I right? Whether you’re a fan of classic buttered corn or prefer it spicy with some chaat masala, there’s pleasure for everyone in this diverse culinary landscape.” Reacting to the video, one user gushed, “So sweet.” Another highlighted that Indians should feel proud that foreigners were loving the “Indian culture.” An Instagrammer requested Mariia Chugurova to visit Varanasi.

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 In a recent viral video, a Russian influencer was seen enjoying delicious bhutta on the streets of Mumbai. See how people reacted to the video.    

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