Viral Video On “How Indians Serve Food” Gets 18 Million Views, Wins Hearts Online


Relatable videos on simple aspects of everyday life can often cheer us up and make our days better. Recently, a reel about the distinctive mannerisms of Indians while serving food to guests took Instagram by storm. The specific actions and words resonated with many users and won their hearts. The reel has received more than 18 million views so far. In the now-viral video, digital creator Ankur Agarwal mimics a range of behaviours and gestures that he typically associates with Indian hospitality.
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For instance, he encourages the guest not to feel shy and enjoy the food wherever he wishes. He “forces” the guest to eat additional rotis and extra servings of rice. He makes conversation about how the attraction of eating outside food has diminished over time. He offers the guest a “famous mithai” that he cannot leave without trying. He also asks the (unseen) helper to make chai and show the guest where he can wash his hands. He insists that the guest leave his plate at the table and not take it to the kitchen himself. In the end, he tells the guest that he didn’t actually eat much. Don’t miss the intricacies of the sketch – watch the complete reel below:

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In the comments, several users applauded Ankur Agarwal for his creativity and talent for imitation. Read some of the reactions below:

“Each and every dialogue was relatable.”

“How did you copy the same stuff that happens in my family?”

“Literally my family relatives.”

“Bro’s acting is next level!”

“He understands everyone’s feelings.”

“Last line was prime line.”

“This is how I serve the guests at my house and I feel so content and so good about it. This, my friend, is the culture of India when we say ‘Atithi devo bhawah’ we mean it and we show it.”

“The hospitality in Indian houses is unmatched.”

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​A reel showcasing some of the distinctive mannerisms of Indians while serving food to guests has resonated with many Instagram users. 

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