Viral: Influencer’s Gesture For Street Vendor In The Rain Will Melt Your Heart


Recently, a Korean digital creator won hearts online for his kind gesture towards an elderly street vendor. He shared a reel on Instagram documenting his interaction with the elderly woman and providing translations of what they were saying. In the now-viral video, we see the influencer going up to the street vendor who is selling ginger and garlic. He asks her about the prices. When he remarks that it is raining a lot and asks her if she is okay, she says “It’s alright”. He points and tells her that he wants to buy her wares. At first, she thinks he only wants a specific quantity, but he clarifies that he wants to buy it all.

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She exclaims “It’s super expensive!” and says, “Where did you appear from? A young man like you… Thank you so much.” He replies, “It’s raining too much”. Off camera, someone can be heard asking if he is buying all the vendor’s items so that she can go home early. She confirms their guess and thanks the influencer again and again. She says that there’s too much ginger and that it is costing him too much. But the influencer is not fazed. The elderly vendor also reveals that she usually starts her day at 6 am. After collecting his purchases, the influencer bids her farewell and thanks her. The caption of the post reads, “Buying all of her vegetables so she can go home away from the rain.”

Watch the full viral video below:

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Although the reel was first posted several weeks ago, it has continued to make the rounds online. In the comments, many people thanked and praised the influencer for his thoughtful and compassionate gesture. Several users also appreciated the fact that he respected the vendor’s privacy by blurring her face. Read some of the reactions below:

“You’ll have frozen minced garlic for the next 12+ months.”

“This is what I call being rich! Rich with Kindness is the best and most successful thing you have done.”

“That’s literally what I want to do with all the old people who are still working in Korea.”

“Thank you for sending grandma home early!!!”

“Outside my building, there used to be an old man selling fruit, I would always buy as much as I could. He was a lovely man.”

“Respect for blurring her face! Not many people know the importance of privacy. Not everyone is happy about their face being shown to social media.”

“Thank you for being kind, then you blurred her face for privacy. That’s awesome.”

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 A Korean influencer’s video showing him helping out an elderly street vendor with a thoughtful gesture has received a lot of attention online.    

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