Video: Ticketless Passengers Overcrowd Vande Bharat Express, Railways Reacts


Photos and videos of ticketless passengers travelling in reserved coaches of trains are increasingly being shared on social media. This issue is causing significant inconvenience and frustration for passengers who pay for reservations in advance. Recently, Vande Bharat Express, known for its premium service, was also seen overcrowded with ticketless passengers. 

The video, shared by Archit Nagar, captured the chaotic scene inside a coach of the Vande Bharat Express, running between Lucknow and Dehradun. In the clips, passengers are seen standing shoulder-to-shoulder in the aisles, and there is very little space to move. 

Watch the videos here:

#lucknowrailway @drmlucknow @IndianRailMedia @indianrail #rail got jacked by non ticket passengers @VandeBharatExp

— archit nagar (@architnagar) June 8, 2024

Railway Seva, the official support account for railway passengers, also took notice of the viral footage and wrote, ”We’re listening and will do our best to help. The concerned officials are being notified.” 

Several internet users expressed their anger and frustration at the situation and demanded stricter rules from authorities. Many users urged the government to increase the number of passenger trains while some asked for the implementation of the metro’s ticketing and verification system at all railway stations.

One user wrote, ”Please increase the number of passenger trains. Vande Bharat aise nahi chalega. Looks like an overcrowded bus.”

Another commented, ”First, Vande Bharat train system must have dedicated special Railway Police. What is the purpose of buying tickets worth thousands?” A third said, ”We need more trains; a lot more trains; and affordable trains. How do we expect people to travel?” 

A fourth added, ”I hope Ashwini Vaishnaw will take cognizance of this mismanagement. This ticket-less travelling is getting more common in many trains and now its reached a premium train like Vande Bharat Express.”

The Vande Bharat train is an indigenously manufactured, semi-high speed and self-propelled train set. The train is equipped with state-of-the-art passenger amenities, providing a much faster, more comfortable, and more convenient travel experience for railway passengers. 

 Several internet users expressed their anger and frustration at the situation and demanded stricter rules from authorities.    

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