Tying Ribbons To Your Luggage Is Wasting Your Time And Others’. Here’s Why


Baggage handlers have advised travellers to be careful of the unexpected consequences of tying ribbons to their suitcases for quicker identification on the baggage conveyor belt, according to RSVP Live. Although this habit is widespread among travellers, it could potentially cause delays and missing flights because it slows down the scanning process at airports.

According to Dublin Airport baggage handler John, who was speaking with RSVP Live, tying ribbons or other embellishments on suitcases can interfere with the baggage hall scanning procedure. The excess stuff may set off the scanners, requiring a human examination of the suitcase. This could delay its arrival or possibly make it miss the aircraft.

John urged passengers not to affix luggage tags, ribbons, or any other accessories that would obstruct the scanning procedure. He also suggested deleting previous travel stickers in order to prevent misunderstanding when scanning.

John cautioned against bringing marzipan, commonly called almond candy dough, in luggage since it has a density comparable to some explosives, in addition to ribbons and accessories. These things may cause a search of the passenger’s bags and maybe prevent them from boarding the aircraft.

In order to reduce the possibility of damage during handling, travellers are also recommended to make sure their bags are set with the wheels up before being dropped off.

The Department of Transportation underscores that airlines are responsible for repairing or reimbursing passengers for damaged baggage, emphasizing the importance of proper handling and identification of luggage to prevent inconvenience and potential flight disruptions.

 Baggage handlers at Dublin Airport caution travelers against attaching ribbons or accessories to their luggage.    

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