This “Snickers Pasta” Recipe Is Going Viral And People Are Saying “Absolutely Not”


A piping hot, creamy bowl of pasta is a dish that has no haters. Pasta comes in various shapes and textures – be it spaghetti, penne, farfalle, linguine, or fusilli. The best part is that this Italian delicacy is served with different types of sauces. If you are a pasta fanatic, you would know that we have many delightful sauces to enjoy eating pasta with, like Alfredo sauce, marinara sauce, Bolognese sauce, or even vodka sauce. But what if someone experimented with unusual flavours and turned your pasta into something more like dessert? Sounds bizarre, right? Recently, an Instagram user, Maren Braust (@marenmorereal), shared an unusual recipe for Snickers pasta on her Instagram handle that raised several eyebrows.

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The video starts with the Instagram user boiling the pasta and straining it. She then adds milk and water to it and gives it a good mix. Things start to take a turn when she adds other ingredients to the pan – peanut flour, date syrup, cocoa powder, several cubes of chocolate, pudding powder, and chocolate spread. The Instagram user then gives the pasta a good mix, lets it simmer for a few minutes, and then puts it in a bowl. Braust can then be seen enjoying this bowl of chocolate pasta, which she calls “Snickers Pasta.”

In the caption, she wrote, “Snickers Pasta is just too good, believe it or not! I know it will be a drama again, but please realize that pasta is neither sweet nor salty food, and sweet pasta has been normal in other countries for years!” as per the translation. In fact, she also added in the caption that this Snickers pasta is the “perfect” meal or snack if you are craving something chocolatey. So far, the video has garnered 10.5 million views online.

Watch the full video below:

While pasta dishes are an easy way to please even the most finicky eaters, this chocolate pasta failed to impress foodies. One user wrote, “I’m not Italian but it hurts so bad.”

Another user wrote, “This is cruelty to Snickers bars.”

A third user wrote, “Noooo just whyyyy (skull emoji)”

A fourth user commented, “I don’t know whether to fall in love with this or delete Instagram (laughing emoji)”

A social media user took offence and wrote, “Disrespectful to the pasta community.”

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 The Instagram user justified her recipe and called it a “perfect” meal to dig into when you crave something chocolatey.    

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