This Barley Cooler Recipe Is Basically Summer In A Glass And We’re Obsessed


Summer is at its absolute and we can feel it due to the sun constantly beating down on us. At this point, staying hydrated is the most important thing to do. During summer, our body tends to lose water and other essential minerals at a very rapid pace. While water is the quintessential drink to quench our thirst, sometimes we need variety, right? Besides water, several summer coolers won’t just hydrate you but also provide you with nutrition. One such recipe is barley cooler. Easy to make and so refreshing, this barley cooler is made with simple pantry ingredients and can be enjoyed with meals or as a go-to drink. Want to learn how to make this delicious cooler? Then fret not!

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Digital content creator Nitya Hegde (@finefettlecookerys) shared an easy recipe for this refreshing cooler, packed with the goodness of barley and the flavours of spices. 

Watch the full video of Barley cooler here:

How To Make Barley Cooler At Home | Barley Cooler Recipe

Digital creator Nitya Hegde shared an easy recipe for a Barley cooler on her Instagram handle. To make this cooler, start by taking one tablespoon of barley. Rinse and soak them in water for about 6-7 hours. After it has soaked, set it aside. Take a pan and add the soaked barley in it along with two cups of water. Cook it on low heat till the barley is soft and tender. This would take around 10-15 minutes. 

Once it’s cooked, add the barley water to a container and set it aside. In a tempering bowl, add oil, cumin seeds, hing, curry leaves and chopped green chilli. Mix well so that all the ingredients are cooked. Now add this tempering to the barley water. For taste, squeeze in half a lemon and add some sugar (as per your taste levels). Mix the ingredients well and serve!

Bonus Tip:

Chill the barley cooler in the refrigerator for at least one hour before you serve it. Garnish it with mint leaves and a strand of lemon peel to make it visually appealing. Top it up with ice and beat the summer heat in style!

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Why Should You Incorporate Barley In Your Daily Diet?

While there are several delicious recipes that you can make from barley, it isn’t the only reason why you should incorporate this in your daily diet. Aside from its cooling properties, barley offers several health benefits:

1. Packed With Fibre

Barley is packed with insoluble fibre which helps in healthy digestion, glucose metabolism, and heart health. Consuming foods that are packed with fibre can make you feel full for a long. So, if you consume barley, you will feel more satisfied after a meal, and also be able to control blood sugar levels.

2. Weight Loss

Are you struggling to lose weight? Add barley to your diet! As compared to refined grain products like white bread, consuming whole grains like barley can reduce your hunger levels. Plus, it also helps absorb starch at a slower pace. So, barley can do wonders for your weight!

3. Boosts Immunity

Since it is high in nutritional value, barley helps strengthen the body’s immunity and reduces the chances of cold and flu. Barley has iron, which helps in preventing fatigue and anaemia. Moreover, it helps in the smooth functioning of the kidney and the development of body cells.

4. Lower Blood Sugar Levels

Barley can help control type 2 diabetes in your body. This is because barley is packed with vitamins and minerals, especially beta-glucan soluble fibre, that slows down glucose absorption.

5. Controls Cholesterol Levels

Barley has insoluble fibre that yields propionic acid which helps keep blood cholesterol levels low. Since it is an excellent source of both soluble and insoluble fibres, it has low fat content so it can help control cholesterol levels.

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Now that you know the benefits of incorporating barley into your daily diet, will you try this cooler? Let us know in the comments below!

 This barley cooler recipe is so good, you’ll forget you’re even drinking something healthy. Ten sips of this drink and you’ll be craving for summer all year long.    

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