Taupe By Titlie: A New Restaurant In Goa’s Lush Landscape You Have To Visit For Comfort Dining


 Let me start by giving you a fascinating update. Tourists in Goa are expecting more than beaches these days. Luxury dining is the new fad. The ever-bustling Goa has a new destination for cosy and homely dining, which I had to try on my recent visit. Taupe By Titlie is the newest addition to the culinary landscape. Amidst the azure sea and vibrant greenery, Taupe beckons with its promise of comforting dining.

Nestled within a 150-year-old Portuguese villa, Taupe in Assagao represents Goa’s rich cultural heritage. Conceived by the team of Titlie and Barfly, Taupe seamlessly blends contemporary Indian cuisine with ancient traditions, offering a culinary experience like no other.

At the helm of Taupe’s kitchen is Chef Tarun Sibal, renowned for his culinary prowess across India. His menu celebrates both tradition and innovation, featuring experimental reinterpretations of classic Indian dishes and innovative fusion creations. I have always appreciated his food so it was a delight to meet him in person. The passion and love with which he talked about his restaurant truly reflected in the food.

My Culinary Journey At Taupe:

Taupe’s menu is a feast for the senses. As I sat at my table, I was spoilt for choice with an expansive menu. First I scrolled the beverage menu and found the perfect cocktail – Coffee Martini. It was as refreshing as it was delightful. Just the ‘wake-me-up’ drink I needed to set myself for a hearty meal ahead, and hearty it was!

My gastronomic journey kick-started with Micro Green Chaat. It delivered the promise of a fusion that wins hearts. Not to mention, I do love the traditional chaats but the extra layer of freshness of micro greens and sweetness of berries surprised and impressed me. While I was still revelling in its flavours, my table was filled with so many other enticing dishes that I just couldn’t resist. One that caught my eye first was Mushroom Cornetto! Yes, a creamy mushroom dish served in a cone to make it look like an ice cream. I never knew a ‘cornetto’ would taste so divine… and so flavourful.

Mushroom Cornetto

Other dishes I tried were Falafel Tikki, Avocado and Grape Salad, Dal Kurchan, Taupe Mutton Seekh and Chicken Tikka. Dal Kurchan stood out with its deep-set flavours, smoky aroma and the perfect balance of spices.

Avocado and Grape Salad

Then it was time for the main meal. It was quite a spread. I fell in love with Tawa Mutton with roti. The meat was succulent and cooked perfectly. Next up was Kulcha Platter with Dal Makhani – it was so delicious that I still sometimes crave it. Mutton Korma was also divine, and before I forget, Mango Prawn Curry with sticky rice is an absolute must-try, especially in summer. I was so full of heavenly food, it made my heart full too … but of joy!

Tawa Mutton

Wait, the best was yet to come. Any guesses? Desserts, of course.

If you visit Taupe, you cannot leave without trying their French Toast. It’s the best one I have ever had. With the addition of peaches, orange and cream, this dessert fills up your appetite and heart. I also loved Coconut Milk Pannacotta and Basque Cheesecake.

After writing this, I am yearning to go back to Taupe for another grand meal that gave me such delicious memories. Till next time, I’m dreaming of Micro Green Chaat, Tawa Meat and French Toast.

Let’s hear it from the chef:
When I asked chef Tarun Sibal what makes Taupe stand out, he was proud to point out that it was “the consistency in their food offering and service and of course, the warm hospitality that brings customers back again and again.” I agree. Taupe exudes warmth and hospitality, ensuring that every guest feels welcome and valued from the moment they step through the door. He also told me that he enjoys cooking Indian food the most; well, it was evident in the delicious spread that I had there.

Next Adventure Is Right Next Door:

And for those, who also want the typical ‘bar’ experience in the evening with good food, Barfly is just next door, in fact in the same vicinity. And the food and drinks there are also exceptional. You’ll love Tarun Subal’s rendition of our favourite Maggi and the Corn Ribs are so addictive that you won’t be able to stop at just one order. Love tequila? The Picante at Barfly is a must-try.

With Taupe and Barfly coexisting in perfect harmony, this culinary oasis in Goa’s lush landscape is going to be my go-to stop on every Goa visit. A cosy dining experience at Taupe or an evening of cocktails and conversation at Barfly, this dynamic duo promises an unforgettable experience.

 Conceived by the team of Titlie and Barfly, Taupe seamlessly blends contemporary Indian cuisine with ancient traditions    

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