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Virgo Horoscope, 5 March 2023: You have pushed someone you care about away – Times of India

Virgo Horoscope, 5 March, 2023 says you might struggle a little in training a newly joined employee and it would drain you out of any energy you would have left by the end of today. Your lucky color of the day is orange and three is your lucky number for today. To plan you day better read the full horoscope below.Positive- Ganesha says you are aware about what you want from a connection and are not afraid from speaking your mind today. Negative- While respecting your intentions, you might have invalidated someone else’s feelings today. Lucky color- OrangeLucky number- 3Love- You put your foot down and got away making it clear what your feelings are but managed to push the connection further away. It is not too late to win them back today. Business- You might struggle a little in trainin...

Virgo Horoscope, 1 March 2023: You may be prone to possessiveness and find it hard to let go of control – Times of India

Virgo daily horoscope for March 01, 2023, suggests that you maybe feeling more in tune with your partner as your emotional connection may deepen today. Your lucky number is eight for the day and maroon will be your lucky color. You may feel physically strong and resilient, but be mindful of your diet and avoid overindulging.Positive: Ganesha says you will feel passionate and focused today. Your determination will help you achieve your goals. Negative: You may be prone to possessiveness and find it hard to let go of control. Practice detachment and trust. Lucky Color: Maroon Lucky Number: 8 Love: Your emotional connection with your partner may deepen, and you may feel more in tune with each other. Business: Your strategic thinking and resourcefulness may lead to new business opportunitie...