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On June 9, 2024, at 04:03 PM, the Sun and Saturn will be in a 90-degree angle of opposition, a formation known as the ‘square’ in astrological parlance. This arrangement is considered very important, and its impact is felt in different facets of human life.
The Sun, the brightest planet in the middle of our solar system, is considered the heavenly king who rules our world and brings light, heat, and energy.In the astrological chart, the Sun represents individuality, power and the light within us that drives our dreams. On the other hand, Saturn, the ringed planet, is the cosmic disciplinarian, representing structure, limitations, and the purposeful challenges interwoven into the fabric of our karma.
When these two giants align in a 90-degree square, it is as if the universe has pulled itself into a tug of war, with two opposing forces at work. This celestial war requires our highest level of endurance, perseverance, and wisdom as we face the opportunities and the odds. The square aspect is not inherently positive or negative; instead, it is a process that challenges us to overcome our weaknesses, redefine our goals, and be reborn from adversity.

How To Survive This Square Energy

It is important to be patient and careful in our actions and undertakings. Challenges and setbacks may arise, challenging the strength of our tenacity. However, this cosmic climate also offers a chance to reflect and adjust the direction of the course. Learn from life’s challenges and try to find a balance between dreams and obligations.
One should be practical while handling any problem and not act in haste, which may lead to further escalation. Consult with elders or those in the field for a long time, as they will likely provide the right direction. Also, it is the right time to develop spiritual practices to find inner harmony.

Impact on Career Decisions

Working professionals may face some difficulties at the workplace during this period. The cosmic energy may cause tension in the workplace, which may lead to conflicts with colleagues or superiors and misunderstandings. It is important to be polite and as explicit as possible and avoid any actions or words that may lead to conflict.
However, this phase may also bring some opportunities for a career change or a promotion if you are wise, calm, and ready to change. Treat challenges as opportunities for learning and development, and be assured that your hard work and commitment will pay off.
This phase may prove to be a stumbling block for candidates who are searching for a job. Interviews or job prospects might be delayed or require more effort. This is why it is important not to give up and keep going even when things get tough.

Impact on Love & Relationships

The Sun and Saturn can also struggle, and this can play out in relationships, which is why it is important to be emotionally intelligent and sensitive.
For individuals who are in the process of dating, this phase may pose some difficulties in terms of searching for compatible partners or sustaining healthy relationships. Lack of communication or misunderstandings could put one’s emotional intelligence to the test. Being patient, clear, and receptive with people you encounter is important.
In a committed relationship, the Sun-Saturn square can bring out existing conflicts or highlight the problems that were not solved. Conflicts should be resolved with understanding, active listening, and the readiness to find a middle ground. If you need help, seek a counsellor and do not forget that true love takes time and tolerance.

Health and Well-being

The square between the Sun and Saturn can also affect our psychological health, which requires conscious self-care. Astrologically, the Sun-Saturn square may be felt in certain areas of the body, such as the skeletal system, joints, teeth, and digestive system. During this phase, it is recommended that one eat proper meals, exercise regularly, and take preventive measures.
During this phase, people may be more prone to diseases like arthritis, bone diseases, digestive disorders, or dental problems. One should be cautious, consult a doctor if needed, and be as active as possible in taking care of one’s health.

Solutions and Remedies

When the Sun and Saturn are in the square aspect, it is beneficial to surround oneself with certain colours to lessen the impact of the cosmic conflict. The shades of red and yellow are preferred during this period as they are believed to symbolise the power of the sun and its heat. Wearing or having these colours in your home can help create a warm and positive environment.
Moreover, shades of orange and earthy, such as brown and beige, are believed to be associated with Saturn’s calming and stabilising energy. Staying in an environment that incorporates these colours can assist in developing patience, perseverance, and discipline – all of which are valuable during this zodiac sign.
Further, it is recommended to clean and tidy up personal areas of the home to bring order and harmony. To offset Saturn’s strong vibrations, it is recommended to put potted plants, especially those with thick leaves or barks, in the southwest and west directions of your house or workplace.
Also, using water as fountains or aquariums can effectively develop the concept of fluidity and flexibility, which is crucial during this period.
The Gayatri Mantra is a prayer that invokes the power of the Sun and other sources of life energy; it is said to provide spiritual protection and direction. The Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra chanted in honour of Lord Shiva, is believed to help remove hindrances and enhance the chances of living a long life.

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