Shruti Sharma On Intimate Scene With Rajat Kaul In Heeramandi: “Got Rashes On My Body Because It Was So Harsh”


Heeramandi actress Shruti Sharma is receiving abundant love and appreciation for her role in the Netflix series. Her performance as Saima is garnering praise from various quarters.  For context, Saima works in the kitchens of Shahi Mahal and serves as one of Alamzeb’s trusted confidants in the show. In the show, Saima (Shruti Sharma) is in a romantic relationship with Mallikajaan’s driver Iqbal (played by Rajat Kaul). In a recent interview with Entertainment Live, Shruti Sharma revealed that after shooting the intimate scene between her and Rajat, she developed some rashes. She noted, “There is a scene involving me and Iqbal in which we are romantic, meaning it’s a very romantic scene,” she explained. “That type of romance I had done for the first time on the screen. We were rolling and we were talking, and you know it was difficult choreography, we were on top of each other,” she added.

Shruti Sharma further talked in detail about the physical toll the scene took on her, “I got rashes on my body because it was so harsh. I think we shot that scene for on whole day and when that scene got over, my kajal was smudged because there was dust and dirt. But the scene looks so beautiful.”

In an earlier interview with Pinkvilla, when Shruti was aksed about comparisons with Sharmin Segal, who plays Mallikajaan’s daughter in the series, she said, “I am really happy with Saima. If Sanjay sir has decided something, he is wise enough to choose his actors. I’m sure it is quite well thought out. You can’t question his vision. He has given history to Indian Cinema. It is Sanjay Sir that we’re talking about.”

Shruti Sharma has also worked in projects like Agent Sai Srinivasa Athreya, Pagglait and Namak Issk Ka, among others.

​”That type of romance I had done for the first time on the screen,” said Shruti 

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