Shakira Says Break-Up With Gerard Pique Felt Like Being “Stabbed In The Chest”


Global superstar Shakira has shed light on the profound emotional turmoil she endured following her breakup with long-time partner, Spanish soccer star Gerard Pique. Comparing the pain of their separation to a physical sensation akin to being “stabbed in the chest,” Shakira shared the raw intensity of her heartbreak, in an interview obtained by E! News. The Hips Don’t Lie singer, who announced her split from Gerard Pique in 2022 after 11 years together, spoke openly about the agonizing period during a recent interview with Rolling Stone.

Describing the depth of her suffering, Shakira confessed, “It felt like someone had stabbed a hole in my chest. And the sensation was so real, almost physical. I physically felt like I had a hole in my chest and that people could see through me.”

Amidst rumours of infidelity surrounding Gerard Pique and a tumultuous tax fraud case, Shakira found herself grappling with a myriad of challenges, including caring for her father after a serious fall.

Reflecting on this tumultuous time, she remarked, “When it rains, it pours. It was crazy how many things I had to deal with at that time,” in the interview obtained by E! News.

Despite the overwhelming obstacles, Shakira found solace in her music, using her artistry as a means of catharsis.

Relocating with her sons from Barcelona to Miami, she immersed herself in her work, channelling her pain into her creative endeavours. Even her recent music video for ‘Monotonia,’ where she portrays being shot in the heart by an arrow, symbolizes the depth of her emotional journey, reported E! News.

“This has been a journey back to myself, and the way there was through my music,” Shakira affirmed adding, “I’m in a moment where the worst has happened, and this process woke up a new sense of autonomy and independence in me.”

Acknowledging the sacrifices she made for love, including putting her career on hold for Pique’s football career, Shakira now embraces a newfound sense of empowerment and self-reliance.

E! News reported that despite plans to resume her career after Pique’s retirement, their breakup prompted her to reclaim control over her life sooner than anticipated.

 Shakira announced her split from Gerard Pique in 2022 after being together for 11 years    

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