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Many societies place great cultural, religious, and historical significance on Saturday, the seventh day of the week. Saturday, which is named after the Roman deity Saturn, is frequently linked with leisure, relaxation, and a variety of religious and cultural observances around.
The Modern English word “Saturday” is a derivative of the Old English word “Saeturnesdæg,” meaning “day of Saturn.” The name’s link with Saturn is reflected in several other languages as well, including Spanish (sábado), Italian (sabato), and French (samedi).
Saturn, the Roman deity of agriculture, riches, and time, was honored on Saturdays. On Saturday, you can relax and revel because Saturn was also linked to freedom and fresh beginnings.
According to astrology, Saturn rules over responsibility, discipline, and obstacles on Saturdays.
Shani Dev in Astrology
Shani dev is one of most feared planet in astrology, rather it is high time to bust this myth and walk out of this fear zone. Shani Dev (Saturn) is ruler of 10th house and 11th house in the Kaal Purusha Chart (KPC) making it the ruler of profession and gain from profession.
Saturn, being the ruler of 11th house in KPC is responsible for all kind of wish fulfilment for a person and is impartial in nature.
Saturn, symbolizing the principle of cause and consequence, is commonly known as the planet of karma. It is thought to have a karmic quality, meaning that one’s present and future are both determined by their past deeds. Saturn is a planet that can provide setbacks, restrictions, and delays. Where it falls in a person’s natal chart could foretell potential trouble spots.
On the other hand, these difficulties are also considered as chances to develop and gain wisdom. Saturn is believed to be the planet that rules diligence, responsibility, and self-control. Its sway can persuade people to live their lives in a methodical and controlled way, which can bring about prosperity and security in the long run.Saturn rules over the passage of time and the aging process. Many feel that being under its effect brings about physical and spiritual maturity, stressing the value of self-reflection, wisdom, and patience.
5 Simple Ways to Seek Blessings of Shani Dev
Discipline in Life
Being disciplined, ethical, honest, and determined to own rights and duties is of utmost significance to gain the blessings of Shani Dev. One must strictly adhere to the law of land and follow that entirely.
Furthermore, one must fix up the time to wake up and sleep, and ideally should wake up before sunrise.
Give Back to Community
Giving back to society at large in form of donations and physical volunteering is yet another powerful remedy to please the Saturn. One must try to devote atleast one day a week to do physical volunteering at places like old age home and specially enabled people schools. Getting involved in cleaning the surrounding and nature is also a great deed.
Mantra Chanting – Shani Patni Mantra
Mantras are powerful vibrations of sound and quantum numerology of alphabets and chanting them on regular basis at fixed time is quite helpful. One may chant Shani Patni Mantra atleast 33 times every Saturday.
Dhvajinī dhāminī caiva kaṃkālī, Kaṃṭakī kalahī cātha turaṅgī mahiṣī ajā.
Śanernāmāni patnīnāmetāni saṃjapan pumān,Duḥkhāni nāśayennityaṃ saubhāgyamedhate sukham.
Herbal Bath
To placate and revere Shani Dev, take a herbal bath with neem, black sesame seeds, sesame oil, tulsi leaves, nagarmotha powder and eucalyptus oil.
Having this herbal bath helps in cleansing the physical body and preparing the same for blessings of shani dev.
Music Meditation
Regular mediation personalized based on date of birth, name and Saturn placement in the horoscope can be great way to seek blessings of Saturn. For instance, in case of Leo rising, a music meditation with music of 183 hz is great way to seek blessings of Saturn.
This article is written by, Sidhharrth S Kumaar, Astro Numerologist, Energy Healer, Graphologist, Music Therapist, Life & Relationship Coach, and Founder, NumroVani

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