On Cam: Hyderabad Man, Pet Thrashed With Sticks By Neighbours, 5 Arrested


New Delhi: A violent altercation erupted on a street in Hyderabad’s Rahmatnagar, resulting in serious injuries to two individuals and their pet dog. The dispute between neighbours escalated into a full-scale assault, captured by CCTV footage, where a group of men attacked a man and his dog with sticks. 

The victim’s family members, who intervened to help, were also targeted in the attack. In response, the police have taken five individuals into custody and registered a case under relevant sections of the Indian Penal Code and the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, reported PTI.

As per reports, Tuesday’s attack was preceded by an altercation between the families the previous week. On Wednesday, Madhu and his relatives were accompanied by their Siberian Husky when the incident occurred.

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Local police said that Dhanunjay and his family members claimed that the dog had attacked them, sparking a confrontation between the two groups and both families lodged police complaints.

On Tuesday evening, Madhu’s brother was walking their dog outside their residence in Rahmatnagar. CCTV footage captured the moment when Dhanunjay and two others passed by while Srinath held the dog on a leash. As the dog approached one of the men, and he is seen making a gesture. 

Within moments, two individuals wielding sticks charged towards Srinath, initiating the assault. The attackers, seemingly affiliated with Dhanunjay, were soon joined by the other two individuals, escalating the violence. Despite efforts by two women, identified as Srinath’s family members, to intervene and stop the assault, the attack persisted, leaving Srinath injured and vulnerable on the ground.

As one of the women tries to shield Srinath from the blows, the attackers keep hitting them with their sticks. At one point, an attacker runs menacingly towards the dog, but then turns and starts hitting Srinath. The footage shows shocked local residents gathering at one end of the alley.

Soon, many of them intervene and try to break up the assault. Srinath’s dog is seen running to their home, but an attacker spots it. Right behind the entry gate, the attacker hits the dog hard, and it collapses on the ground. As local residents intervene, the attackers are seen leaving the spot.

Srinath and a family member were injured and had to be rushed to the hospital following the assault. Meanwhile, another video showed the family’s dog in pain at a pet clinic, as per PTI.

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