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NEW DELHI: Despite increasing concerns over the condition of the pitches at the Nassau County International Cricket stadium in New York for the T20 World Cup, the International Cricket Council (ICC) has no plans to move the remaining matches to alternative venues.
The drop-in pitches, untested until this tournament, have heavily favored bowlers, drawing significant criticism.Sri Lanka was bowled out for 77 by South Africa, and India dismissed Ireland for just 96, sparking safety concerns due to unpredictable bounce and two-paced nature of the pitches.
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A BBC report indicated that the Indian team has privately expressed dissatisfaction with the pitch conditions, citing safety worries for their batters. India are scheduled to play Pakistan in a highly anticipated Group A match at the same venue on Sunday.

The ICC is reportedly analyzing data from previous matches to determine potential actions but has stated there are no current plans to move the New York games to Florida or Texas, both of which feature natural turf pitches. An unused pitch has been earmarked for the India-Pakistan match, with flexibility to change based on conditions.
The New York venue, specifically constructed for the T20 World Cup, features ten Tahoma grass pitches imported from Australia. These were installed a few weeks before the tournament. Australian curator Damien Hough, an expert in drop-in pitches from Adelaide Oval, was brought in by the ICC to prepare the pitches.

The outfield, made of Kentucky bluegrass grown in New Jersey and placed atop sand, has contributed to the pitch issues. The India-Ireland match highlighted the challenges, with balls either bouncing at ankle height or rising sharply. Several players, including Rohit Sharma and Rishabh Pant, sustained injuries. Sharma retired hurt after scoring 52 due to an elbow injury.
Additionally, the venue’s slow outfield and uneven boundary lengths, differing by 10 meters on either side, have further complicated play. During the India-Ireland match, fans were seen cheering for Ireland to extend the game, hoping to see more of the Indian team bat.
Concerns extend to the six drop-in pitches at the practice facility in nearby Cantiague Park. South African batters preferred throwdowns over facing bowlers in the nets due to safety concerns.
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