Mr.Tarun Kapoor, reappointed as Advisor to PM as Ex-petroleum secretary,known as ‘Modi’s man’ during Corona pandemic


Mr Tarun Kapoor,IAS officer of the 1987 batch from the Himachal Pradesh cadre,has been re-appointed as advisor in the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO). This will be his second term in the PMO after his first appointment as advisor to the Prime Minister in May 2022.
Advisors in the PMO provide strategic counsel provide operational assistance to the Prime Ministern in decision-making, policy formulation and implementation of government initiatives. The re-appointment of Shri Kapoor as advisor suggests the PMO is poised to undertake further reforms,building on their previous work and continuity of approach through his vast experience.
In early days in Himachal as Addl chief Secretary of power,Kapoor contributed to the growth of the power sector in Himachal Pradesh, emphasising renewable energy projects and improving power infrastructure.He facilitated the development of hydroelectric projects and other renewable energy initiatives, contributing to the state’s energy security and sustainability.As vice chairman of the Delhi Development Authority (DDA), he played a pivotal role in urban planning and development projects in the national capital, focusing on sustainable development and infrastructure enhancement.He took projects to improve the quality of life for Delhi’s residents, including housing schemes, public transportation enhancements and green space development.
As Secretary in the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas, Kapoor steered policies and initiatives related to the oil and gas sector. He focused on enhancing domestic production, reducing import dependency, and promoting cleaner fuel.He was instrumental in the promotion of biofuels and cleaner fuels to reduce environmental impact and support sustainable development. He played a key role in expansion of the city gas distribution network across the country, aiming to increase the availability of natural gas for domestic, industrial, and vehicular use which is another of the PM’s pet projects — development of city gas distribution networks under the Petroleum and Natural Gas Regulatory Board (PNGRB) Act, 2006.Kapoor was known as “Modi’s man” during the corona pandemic, as he worked relentlessly to design and implement the free LPG cylinders-to-households scheme.
“He has been close to the PM as a low-profile and old-school officer, whose notes and ideas never go wrong,” the officer in PMO murmured about him.
The position of PM’s adviser had fallen vacant in February, after retired IAS officer Bhaskar Khulbe’s term ended so he was first time appointed as advisor to PMO and his good work yields him now a 2nd term as advisor in PMO.

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