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Monty Panesar, the former England spinner, has announced his decision to withdraw as a parliamentary candidate for the Workers Party of Great Britain, led by George Galloway. This announcement comes just one week after Panesar’s high-profile unveiling by Galloway in Westminster.
The 42-year-old had been selected to contest the Ealing Southall seat in West London at the upcoming general election.However, following a series of difficult media interviews, Panesar has chosen to end his brief foray into politics.
In one particularly challenging interview, Panesar struggled to articulate his stance on the United Kingdom’s continued membership in NATO. This, among other factors, likely contributed to his decision to step down as a candidate.
“I’m a proud Brit who has had the honour to represent my country at the highest level of cricket,” Panesar wrote on X.
“I now want to do my bit to help others but I recognise I am at the beginning of my journey and still learning about how politics can help people.

“So today I am withdrawing as a General Election candidate for The Workers Party,” he added.
“I realise I need more time to listen, learn and find my political home, one that aligns with my personal and political values.

“I wish The Workers Party all the best but look forward to taking some time to mature and find my political feet so I am well prepared to deliver my very best when I next run up to the political wicket.”

Earlier, Panesar had expressed prime ministerial aspirations and said that he wanted to be “the voice for the workers of this country”.
Panesar, whose full name is Mudhsuden Singh Panesar, became the first practising Sikh to represent England in 2006 during a tour of India.
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