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On June 15, 2024, we will observe Mithun Sankranti, a day when the Sun transits into the Gemini sign. These 30 days are considered to be highly sacred for performing meritorious deeds and gaining punya, or spiritual merits. This phenomenon is believed to influence various aspects of human life, including personal growth and relations.
On Mithuna Sankranti, the Sun is in the Gemini sign, and it is believed that this alignment enhances intelligence, power, communication, and flexibility.This alignment is especially good for writers, teachers, or anyone else who does a lot of thinking and talking.
Besides, Mithuna Sankranti is also believed to have a profound impact on world affairs. From the astrological point of view, it is a period of improvement in relations between countries and nations, which means that people are more inclined to negotiate and find common ground. Citizens of different countries may have their wants and attempt to realise their objectives by bargaining and using non-violent methods.
Career and Education
Mithuna Sankranti is auspicious for those involved in studies, education, and any kind of scholarly work. It is believed that this period helps develop the brain and sharpen thinking, speaking, and listening abilities, as well as the ability to learn new material quickly. Students, researchers, writers, and anybody who is involved in academic or literary work may feel more creative and inspired during this period.
In addition, those who are in search of a promotion in their workplace or a new job may also get beneficial results during Mithuna Sankranti. The alignment of stars brings opportunities to grow in one’s career, especially in professions that demand good communication and analytical skills.
Love and Relationships
Mithuna Sankranti has a favourable impact on the relationships and bonds between people. The energy of the Gemini sign is linked to communication, flexibility, and compatibility in terms of intelligence. It can also be seen that couples may be more inclined to have meaningful conversations as they share common interests and gain a better understanding of each other. This period can also be good for those looking for a partner, as the stars may be aligned in a way that can help one find a new partner or open new opportunities for meeting people with similar interests.
Family and Domestic Life
Mithuna Sankranti brings improvement in family relations and domestic tranquillity. The intellectual and communicative energies linked to this period can help facilitate healthy exchanges within families and solve disagreements through discussion and negotiation. Furthermore, this time is also believed to be suitable for carrying out actions that maintain family relationships, for example, arranging meetings, birthdays, or other events or spending time on common activities.
Remedies and Spiritual Practices
While Mithuna Sankranti is generally considered an auspicious period, certain remedial measures and spiritual practices can be undertaken to harness its positive energies and mitigate any potential challenges.
Reciting the Gayatri Mantra or the Surya Mantra, which are dedicated to the Sun, is considered to be highly auspicious on Mithuna Sankranti. These hymns are believed to call down divine grace and tune the consciousness of the chanter to the cosmic frequencies.
According to Vaastu, there are certain ways to avoid the negative effects of Mithuna Sankranti and make it more positive. It is believed that keeping particular gems like yellow sapphire or Citrine in the southeast direction of the house or the workplace will bring prosperity, intelligence and success.
It is also suggested that used clothes, food, or any other necessities of life be given away to the needy during Mithuna Sankranti. These are thought to build up merit and to draw blessings and other positive energies into one’s life.
Further, wearing or surrounding oneself with certain colours is lucky during the festival of Mithuna Sankranti. The colour that is most recommended is yellow, which is related to the Sun and the intellect. Other colours like orange, red, and saffron were also considered auspicious during this period.
Mithuna Sankranti is associated with cosmic vibrations; hence, people can embrace spirituality like meditation, yoga, or devotion to align themselves with the energies of this day. These practices are said to bring about serenity, understanding, and spirituality.

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