Like Triptii Dimri’s Scenic Trip To Amalfi Coast, 5 More Picturesque Places To Visit In Italy


Undoubtedly, summer’s blazing heat makes us want to head for a rejuvenating vacation. The thought of breezy weather, picturesque backdrop and beaches sums up our summer dreams. Well, Triptii Dimri’s current destination will make you want to book a flight to Italy. The actress is currently making the most of her time in Italy. While we are unable to head for a vacation, it is best to take some cues from the actress to make the most of summer. The season in Italy can be hot but those stunning views make it worth it. Triptii posted a video on her Instagram that gave us a gorgeous glimpse of Amalfi Coast. With the stunning background of coastline and breathtaking nature, Triptii’s Italy trip is already seeming to be a fabulous one. The video showed Triptii strutting through the lanes like a true traveller. The scenic views definitely make Italy worth a visit. 

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5 Picturesque Places To Visit In Italy

1. Lake Como

Spread over 146 square kilometres, it is the third largest lake in Italy. The worthy sights make it a perfect place for travellers. One can absolutely enjoy the view of sunbaked beaches and lush greenery and flowers. 

2. Lake Garda

Lake Garda is another popular holiday destination worth visiting. Located in northeast Italy, the place has multiple excursions and activities to offer. From visiting wine regions to exploring 14th-century castles, the place is a perfect haven for tourists.

3. Florence

Just another one that you can’t miss. Surrounded by hills, the place is perfect for historic lovers. It offers a stunning view of architectural heritage.

4. Capri

In Ita’s Bay of Naples, this island is a popular destination among travellers. One can also visit its best-known natural sites known as Blue Grotto. It is a dark cave sort where the water glows up electric blue.

5. Cinque Terre

Located in the northwest region of Italy, it is another beautiful place that needs to be on your bucket list. It has centuries old villages along its coastline that makes for a breathtaking view. 

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Do not miss out on these places when visiting to Italy

 Triptii Dimri’s trip to Amalfi Coast will inspire you to plan your next European escapade    

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