Inside Triptii Dimri’s Italian Getaway: From Exploring Amalfi Coast To Sunkissed Selfies


The colourful seaside towns of Amalfi Coast are on every traveller’s list. While we might not be able to head to the scenic Italian town, it is surely a good idea to take some cues from Triptii Dimri for our next getaway. The actress is on her European summer escapade as she travels to the stunning Southern Italian coast. After giving us a glimpse of the stunning views from the Amalfi Coast, the actress is now exploring the cultural aspect of the town. By the looks of it, we could speculate that she was headed to Duomo di Amalfi, also known as the Amalfi Cathedral. The place is a medieval Roman Catholic cathedral which is a must-visit destination in Amalfi. The striking facade and beautiful interiors make it a solid tourist attraction. Triptii gave us a glimpse of the beautiful Amalfi Cathedral as she explored the place. She posted an array of pictures and videos on her Instagram stories. 

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Here’s a picture of the stunning view of Amalfi Cathedral

Triptii Dimri’s Italian getaway is truly envy-worthy. The actress is jetted off to the beautiful destination to make the most of summer. Recently, she treated her fans to a glimpse of the stunning views, straight from Italy. She posted a video as she enjoyed her time at Amalfi Coast. From strutting through the streets to posing with picturesque backdrop, Triptii’s vacation diaries are absolutely bookmark-worthy. 

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Triptii Dimri’s travel diaries are all worth taking notes from

 Triptii Dimri’s Italian holiday is a lesson on how to soak in the beauty of its seaside towns    

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