Ice Cream And Gourmet Plates: Mira Kapoor Shares Foodie Glimpses From Vacation- See Pics


Mira Kapoor knows how to embrace the spirit of summer with travel, good food and memorable moments. In a recent post on Instagram, she shared her excitement with the caption “Summer on my mind.. where to next.” Accompanying this message were several slides that showed her summer experience. One slide showed a delicious ice cream cone from a store in the background which said “Nicecream, Copenhagen”. In another slide, a bright and beautiful bouquet of sunflowers captured the essence of the season. Mira’s summer celebration continued with a mouth-watering spread in the next picture. The plate was a delightful mix of various foods: sausages, eggs, some cut fruits like papayas, passion fruit and strawberries. The ensemble also included pancakes along with some oatmeal and cherry tomatoes.

Mira Kapoor’s Instagram often highlights her love for food, ranging from lavish meals to comforting snacks. A few days back, she took her followers on a nostalgic journey, reminding us of our childhood love for Parle G biscuits. She shared a photo of a container full of Parle G biscuits beside a half-filled cup of tea. The caption read, “Vaise Vala din,” meaning “those kind of days.” This post brought back memories of dunking biscuits into tea and enjoying the way they often became delightfully soggy. Read the full story here.
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Recently, Mira Kapoor also shared a post about the joy of homemade food. The sentiment about “maa ke haath ka khanna” was captured beautifully in Mira’s Instagram post, where she gave fans a glimpse into her special family dinner prepared by her mother. Read the full story here.

We are excited to see what’s next in Mira Kapoor’s foodie adventures!

 Mira Kapoor has shared several delicious and vibrant pictures on her Instagram handle with the caption, “Summer on my mind.. where to next.”    

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